Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jane Converse: Heartbreak Nurse

Heartbreak Nurse was published by Signet. This copy is a third edition without a date, so I estimate that it was published around 1972. Nurse Lillian Bryant falls for a distressed doctor that is overly concerned about a little patient and, rumors abound, about her mother! Does her suitor have a past love that will ruin theirs?

Allan Kass shows our couple in a white background, which almost looks like a snowy scene. Our couple is entwined and I like that you see Allan's signature piece of jewelry: the bangle bracelet on the wrist of the nurse! Note the orange in the cover: a sunset, or a metaphor for the passion of this story? The white trees also evoke a feeling of loneliness, too. Great cover, which I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jane Converse: Condemned Nurse

Condemned Nurse was published by Signet for Jane Converse in June 1971. This is another Allan Kass illustration and definitely older and interesting! This book originally cost 60 cents!

This story is about Jackie and her nurse roommate, Donna, who was on a downward spiral into drinking after carrying a horrible secret that has lost her her job and doctor boyfriend. If Jackie finds out, this secret will destroy her, also!

Allan Kass shows our couple with the nurse holding her clipboard in front, the doctor behind, and a naked person on the bed with newspaper headlines announcing some bad news. I'm glad that Allan got away from the "combination" illustration and made them his own. I feel like this was a usual technique and like his lovely couples much better. This is an early illustration of his and interesting to compare with his gothic and regency book covers! I have lots more Jane Converse books coming soon!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Jane Converse: Cinderella Nurse

Cinderella Nurse was published in January 1971 (second printing) by Signet for Jane Converse. This story is about nurse Rita Ambler, who was a widow and mother to a young son. She's pursued by Dr. Glenn Seabrook, but is wary about making another bad marriage.

Allan Kass illustrates quite a provocative cover for this book. He uses the playing cards as a euphemism for our heroine: gambling with her future. The accident that brings her together with another doctor is portrayed along with a description of our pensive heroine. It's a neat cover with a lot to see! Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Jane Converse: Beth Lloyd, Surgical Nurse

Beth Lloyd, Surgical Nurse was published in December 1970 by Signet for Jane Converse and illustrated by Allan Kass. This story is about the aforementioned Beth Lloyd, who is in love with a brilliant surgeon who is afraid she's pushing for marriage. Add a transplant patient and a new surgical technique and the plot of this romance thickens!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside. I don't know if the artist is painting her or something else, but the heroine is forefront and looks pensive. It's interesting and a departure from Allan's regency covers! I like the heroine's modern hairdo and her prim nurses uniform and cap. Enjoy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Jane Converse: Accused Nurse

Jane Converse is the next author I'm featuring that had books illustrated by Allan Kass! She also wrote some Silhouette Romances in the early 1980's, but mainly wrote Nurse Romances. This book is the first of many that Allan illustrated and I hope you enjoy them!

Accused Nurse was published in November 1974 by Signet and is about Paula Owens, whose world fell apart after the death of her parents and left her with 2 brothers to support. Then she is accused of a crime that could cause her her job and her fiance.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple on an ice rink. Note the skates being carried by the hero. Our heroine wears a nurses cap and gown with a purple coat thrown over it. Our hero is handsome in dark green and black. I like the gothic aspect of the woods and the contrast with our couple. It's a great cover! Enjoy!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dorothy Cole: Nurse at the Fair

Nurse at the Fair was published by Signet in February 1973 for author Dorothy Cole. This is the only book I have by her illustrated by Allan Kass and one of the first "nurse" romances listed in this blog!

This story is about Merilee Maxwell who is secretly engaged to Dr. Kendall Ryder, but is attracted to new patient, tv star Tex Howard! Who is the right man for her?

Allan Kass shows our couple near a fairground in a pensive moment. She wears a nurses cap and holds a clipboard while the hadsome doctor wears a steathscope around his neck. I'm not sure what the horses and jockeys have to do with the cover, but it looks like a race! It's definitely a departure from Kass's regency covers and I really like it!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Virginia Coffman: Strange Secrets

Strange Secrets is the last Coffman book that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. If you find another, let me know since I'm not sure that I have them all. This book was published in March 1976 and is the story of Claudia, who marries Steve after a whirlwind courtship only to find that his house, Shower Tree, seems to be haunted!

Allan Kass illustrates our heroine up close in a low cut pink gown running away from the mansion behind her. She wears her hair long and has on the signature Kass bangle bracelets! I'm sure that there are more Signet gothic romances out there that I don't have, but the ones I've found are great!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Virginia Coffman: Of Love and Intrigue

Of Love and Intrigue is one of Allan Kass's first covers. It was published in April 1969 and Virginia Coffman writes a tale about a girl who is paid to accompany another to her wedding. Why was she falling for the other girl's fiance and who was the man on board that unnerved her? A mystery of Love and Intrigue!

Allan Kass shows our heroine in a pink raincoat. She is in a warm climate as shown by the palm tree and he also illustrates a car, which is funny since before he freelanced to illustrating book covers, he worked in Detroit drawing car ads! I really like finding Allan's gothic covers and seeing the differences in them!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Virginia Coffman: A Haunted Place

A Haunted Place was published in February 1978 by Signet for Virginia Coffman. It is the third gothic illustrated by Allan Kass that I have for her. Until I wrote Allan, I didn't realize that he had illustrated gothic romances. I thought he had only done regencies! So it was a treat to find many of these and see the resemblances between the illustrations!

This book is about an American actress who is stranded in a French village where the villagers believe she is a ghost come to put a curse on them!

Allan does a superb job at painting the heroine in a sinister place! She wears modern dress and jewelry, but stands near a scary dragon and we see a gloomy castle behind her. Allan used his daughters and local townspeople as his models! It must have been fun to see yourself reproduced on a book cover!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Virginia Coffman: The Evil at Queen's Priory

The Evil at Queen's Priory was published by Signet in December 1978 for Virginia Coffman. It is one of a few that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. This cover is exciting because I found it a month ago!

It's a gothic story about a widow, who hears a ghostly voice that sounds like her dead husband. She's also concerned about her young son and her attraction to her husband's brother, who may just be his killer!

Allan Kass illustrated quite a few gothics for Signet and I like this one because it has some interesting details on the cover: what or who is the ghostly statue? Why is the window open? Is the room on fire? I also like how Allan has the heroine in modern dress. Note her modern hairdo and jewelry. It's a great cover and was an exciting find!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Virginia Coffman: The Beach House

The Beach House is the first book I have by famous author Virginia Coffman, who wrote many gothic romances during the 1970's. This book was published by Signet in June 1970 and is the story of Livia Carter, who is haunted by the death of her boyfriend's late wife!

This is one of Allan Kass's earlier book illustrations and it has a gothic/tropical feel to the picture. You see the haunted beach house with a light on inside while the sky is dark and the waves crash against the shore. The heroine looks as if she's in a bathing suit with a wrap skirt around it. She wears a bracelet and hoop earrings, which is a signature Kass look. It's very different from his elegant regency covers, but a fun departure! Enjoy and click on the picture to enlarge!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Tynedale Daughters

The Tynedale Daughters was published by Fawcett in May 1982 and is the last of Norma Lee Clark's books that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. This story is about three sisters, two who are betrothed, but the youngest, Kitty, who is not. Kitty is intrigued with Anthony, a son of her father's friend, who plans to visit. This is a typical fun and light regency romance!

Allan Kass creates another of my favorite covers! I like the motion of the couple as the hero pushes the heroine on the swing! Her pink dress is full and we see a glimpse of pink ballerina slippers and white eyelet petticoat. While the style is regency, the full skirt of her gown and eyelet were popular dress in 1982! This is a very pretty cover and you can click on it to enlarge!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Sophia and Augusta

Sophia and Augusta was published by Signet in 1979 and is the sequel to her book, Mallory. It is about the twins, thus titled, who are now grown up and having a season. How suitors become mixed up and the twins decide who they love is the plot of this story! Mallory and her husband make an appearance in this book, too!

Allan Kass illustrates our twins, now all grown up and ready to take London by storm! It's interesting that he does portray them as identically dressed and hard to tell apart. I'd think that they'd want to be individuals, but who knows! The hero is looking on and makes you wonder which twin he loves!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Pippa

Pippa was published by Signet in November 1987 and is another delightful story by Norma Lee Clark. It is about Pippa, who gives her guardian, Sir Anthony Seymour-Croft, fits while he tries not to fall in love with her, himself!

Allan Kass outdoes himself with this cover! Our couple stand outside near a chaise where the hero is ready to hand the heroine up into it. She is pretty in a purple gown with a bright pink parasol. Our hero is dark and handsome in a red coat! It's a beautiful summer day and the park looks cool and inviting. The details of the chaise, coachmen, and horse are all great Kass details. I hope that you enjoy this cover!

Young ladies required guardians for different reasons. Sometimes it was to safeguard their fortunes or to provide a marriage. It was common for a young lady to live in London with another older lady who would take them out into society and find a match.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match was published by Signet in September 1983. It is the story of Sydney, who has raised her sister, Muriel from a baby. Now she's looking for the perfect match for her lovely sister and has found one: Sir Max Westbrook. However, Muriel doesn't think he's the perfect match for herself, but for her older sister!

Allan Kass illustrates one of my favorite covers on this book! I love the ornate walking dress on our heroine and the matching waistcoat on the hero. They stand outside of a shop and look as if they plan to continue walking together. It's such a lovely cover and I hope you enjoy it! Click on the picture to enlarge!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Miss Holland's Betrothal

Miss Holland's Betrothal is another Kass cover for author Norma Lee Clark. This book was published in August 1986 and is the story of Isabelle Holland, who is engaged to a very wealthy suitor but realizes after the engagement that she's in love with another.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in this book in a beautiful room embracing each other. Our heroine is pretty in a long sleeved pink gown while the hero is dark and dashingly stealing a kiss. I like the candelabra on the chest behind them. It's another simply elegant cover by Kass.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Marriage Mart

The Marriage Mart was published in March 1984 and written by Norma Lee Clark. It is a regency story about Georgina, who is marrying the Earl of Trowbridge after her first season. She finds out after her marriage that she can't be content with a wandering husband, but craves his love for herself, alone.

Allan Kass illustrates an almost gothic feel to this cover, with our couple outside a dark mansion in the evening. Our heroine is pretty in a pink evening gown and our hero compliments her in his red jacket. This is a classic Kass illustration with the detail to the steps and foliage. I love the look of this cover with the positioning of the couple and background details.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Mallory

Mallory is a regency written by Norma Lee Clark and published by Fawcett in 1978. It is the story of a girl named Mallory who is a governess and takes a position with Charles Portman's twin sisters, Sophia and Augusta, who have a book by this name written later by Clark! She enters a household with two mischievous twins and a handsome brother who is on the verge of engagement to another!

Allan Kass creates a delightful cover with our couple standing on a porch talking while the young girls play on a swing. It's an elegant and inviting cover which makes you want to join the scene. I like the expanse of green lawn which looks like fun to run around. The large vase statue is a nice touch and gives the cover a clue that we're on the estate of a rich man.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Infamous Rake

The Infamous Rake was published in February 1990 by Signet and is written by Norma Lee Clark. It is a story about a young girl named Dilys, who fell in love a long time ago with Lord Travis. Now that she's in London, can she get London's most notorious rake to fall in love with her?

Allan Kass creates a delightful picture for this book. Our heroine is has beautiful brown hair, which seems unique for Kass. She wears a pretty blue day dress that is decorated with pink bows. Our hero embraces her from behind. Note the regency desk and other room decorations. Allan Kass agains shows his excellence in illustration with this beautiful regency romance scene!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Impulsive Miss Pymbroke

The Impulsive Miss Pymbroke was published by Signet in December 1984 for Norma Lee Clark. It is a story about the shocking young Miss Vanessa Pymbroke, who shocked society with her unrestrained manners. She falls in love with Peter, Viscount Chance, but he could only marry a proper woman. Can he be interested in her?

I like this cover by Allan Kass. It's different in that he shows our couple in an embrace while on a doorstep of a house. I like the potted trees and gate, which would look current at any house! I like the emphasis on his holding his hat and her hair loose and flowy. It's a very pretty cover.

Most young ladies were brought up to be prim and proper. It was only the older ladies who could be scandalous, within reason! Only a very rich lady could be thus and considered "eccentric"!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: The Daring Duchess

The Daring Duchess was published in August 1988 by Signet for author Norma Lee Clark. It is the story of Mary, a duchess who disguises herself as a governess to keep herself away from fortune hunters and see if the proud, but poor Earl of Leighford could come to love her and see past her title.

Allan Kass illustrates a simple picture of our couple. The heroine wears a black and green gown and wears modest jewelry. She is pretty with a heart shaped face and upswept red hair. Our hero shares a tender moment with her and is handsome in gray. Unlike other illustrations, Allan keeps the background simple, as if they are in a favorite, comfortable room.

It was unusual for a woman to inherit a title, but not impossible. Most titles went to the next eldest born male to keep the estate and inheritance intact.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Cupid's Calendar

Cupid's Calendar is the first book I have by Norma Lee Clark. She wrote quite a number of regencies under the Signet and Fawcett Coventry lines. This copy was published in July 1992.

This story is about Lady Ursula, who is positive that she'll remain single after nursing her mother through an illness and attaining the age of 25 without an offer. However, cupid has his moments and she finds herself courted by two eligible gentlemen!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple on a balcony. I like the roses creeping up the wall and the window behind, giving the illusion of a closed space. Our heroine is pretty in apple green. I like her bracelet and ring, which are typical Kass accessories! Our hero is dashing in a burgandy coat. I wonder if he is proposing? Another great Allan Kass cover!

Most women married in their early 20's, so those older were considered spinsters. Since having an heir was important, most men married a younger woman who could give them children.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marion Chesney: The Viscount's Revenge

The Viscount's Revenge was published by Signet in November 1983 for author Marion Chesney. Chesney went on to publish many more regency romances under publishers such as Signet, Fawcett, and St. Martin's Press. This story is about Lord Charles, who is fighting his attraction to Miss Amanda Colby when he is already engaged to another.

Allan Kass shows our couple in an elegant room dressed for dinner. She wears a pretty green gown that is trimmed with a ruffle around the neck. I like her bracelet! Our hero is dashing in black and white. Note his watch chain on his waistcoat. It's a typical Kass illustration with much detail in the background of the room.

Regency people always dressed for dinner and sometimes dinner took place later in the evening. Food was considered an art and many employed French chefs during this time of war with France! The Prince Regent was an epicurean and was emulated by others.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marion Chesney: Regency Gold

Fawcett published Regency Gold by Marion Chesney in January 1980. This copy is a reprint from October 1988. They had the same cover art. I believe that this is her first novel.

This story is about orphan Jean who lives a dismal life with her drunken uncle. She dreams of the Marquis of Fleetwater with little hope until she becomes an heiress and realizes that someone is out to kill her! The Marquis jumps in as the hero, but is he the love of her life?

Allan Kass illustrates a gorgeous cover for this book. Our couple attend a ball and are dressed formally. Our heroine is pretty in gold with jewels, as befits her wealth. She carries an ornate fan. Our hero is very handsome and carries a looking glass! I really like the emeralds that she is wearing. Allan is a master at creating elegant people and this is another great work of art!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Marion Chesney: My Lords, Ladies, and Marjorie

Marion Chesney's My Lords, Ladies, and Marjorie was published in October 1981, part of Fawcett's Coventry Romance line #145. It is set in Edwardian England (1901-1910) and is the story of Marjorie, a middle class girl, who falls in love with Lord Philip's picture in the newspaper. The fun begins when she meets him during her London season!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in typical Edwardian garb: a blouse and long skirt for our heroine and a jacket, shirt and trousers for our hero. Note that both wear a tie. That was common during that time. Our heroine has her lovely red hair in a Gibson girl hairdo and I love the purple colors of her outfit. Also note her button shoes! They sit outside on a low stone wall and seem to blend in with the colors of the trees and stream.

King Edward succeeded his mother, Queen Victoria, as king in 1901. He only reigned for a few years and the first decade of the 1900's in considered "Edwardian". Many consider it to be the last remaining years of true aristocracy before World War 1 began and England's middle class became a driving force in the country.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Marion Chesney: My Dear Duchess

My Dear Duchess is another Chesney novel that Allan Kass illustrated. This book was published in September 1987 and is the story of Frederica who married Henry, the Duke of Westerland after both realized that they had need to marry. After Frederica's sister turned down Henry before he became a duke, he decides to marry her sister instead!

Allan Kass illustrates a beautiful cover for this book. Our heroine is lovely in pink. Note her gold jewelry and the black trim on her dress. Our hero is dashing in evening dress. I like how Allan makes every couple look different and is creative in the details. Look at the sunlight coming into the window! Another great illustration by Allan Kass.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Marion Chesney: The Marquis Takes a Bride

The Marquis Takes a Bride was published by Signet in January 1987 and is the story of Jennie, a young girl who has been heavily influenced by her cousin, Guy, who she imagines herself in love. Her grandparents arrange her marriage to the Marquis and she agrees since she'll be able to help Guy, who is penniless. She realizes soon that both her husband and cousin aren't really the men she's imagined them to be!

Allan Kass illustrates a delightful cover for this book! Our heroine is a very pretty brunette and her gold dress is stunning and reflects our hero's blond hair. They look like a study in contrasts with her hair reflecting his coat! Again, Allan is a master in the details: notice the wall, mirror, and clock. After seeing some of Chesney's other book covers, she must have been pleased with this one!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marion Chesney: The Highland Countess

The Highland Countess was published by Signet in December 1987 and is the story of Morag, a young widow, who has an air of mystery about her. Sparks fly when she meets Lord Toby and she finds a man that she shouldn't love!

Allan Kass shows our couple standing in an elegant room with an ornate fireplace! She is a beautiful redhead and wears a pretty blue gown with gold decoration. Our hero is definitely interested in her and his red jacket almost melts into the background.

Marion Chesney wrote regency romances from the early 1980's until around 2000 when she began writing mysteries as M. C. Beaton. Her early books are hard to find, so enjoy hunting since they are all good reads!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Marion Chesney: The Education of Miss Patterson

The Education of Miss Patterson was published by Signet in December 1985 for Marion Chesney. It is a story about Patricia, whose guardian sends her away to become educated when he realizes that she's been pampered all of her young life. The sparks fly once she returns with a mission: to make her guardian fall in love with her as revenge for sending her away!!

Allan Kass illustrates another great cover with our couple in evening dress standing in an elegant room. Our heroine is pretty in a blue gown embellished with pink roses which sets off her red hair while our hero is handsome in evening dress. I like how she is looking away from him. Notice the intricate wood carving above the door. I love that Allan always creates a perfect background for his couples! I hope that Marion Chesney was happy with this cover!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Marion Chesney: The Constant Companion

Marion Chesney is a popular regency romance author who has also written popular mysteries under this name and also M. C. Beaton. She began her writing with regencies and this is one of a few that Allan Kass illustrated.

The Constant Companion was published by Fawcett in December 1980. I have a March 1987 reprint of this novel. This story is about Constance, who is companion to her beautiful cousin, Amelia. Amelia is determined to marry Lord Philip and is furious when he marries Constance instead.

Allan Kass shows our couple seated on a couch while the evil Amelia looks on. Our heroine is pretty in a pink gown. The couch and her accessories accentuate the pink! Our hero is dashing in formal wear. All three look dressed up to go out to a ball or party. What makes this cover interesting is the striped sofa, the background decorations, and the other lady in purple staring at the couple! I'm always amazed at Allan's detail since you could have eliminated the harp and standing female and it still would have been a great illustration! Soon I will have other Chesney books listed. Enjoy!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Blanche Chenier: Summer Masquerade

Summer Romance is the second and last book I have of Blanche Chenier's that Allan Kass illustrated. It was published by Fawcett in 1978 and is the story of Isabella and the romance set around the mysterious man that she meets at a masked ball!

Allan Kass shows our couple in their masquerade costumes. It must have been fun to design something different from the usual regency dress! Our hero is a cavalier of the court of King Charles and wears a dramatic emerald sash! Our heroine is his match in gold with a peacock mask! Note the other people in the background and their different costumes! It must have been a great cover to illustrate!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Blanche Chenier: Regency Row

Regency Row was published by Fawcett in 1978 and is written by Blanche Chenier. I have a few books that Allan Kass illustrated for her, but she wrote other regencies. This book is about Charlotte, who is engaged to Justin, until she realizes that he has some kind of relationship with the Princess Amelia.

Allan Kass creates an interesting cover for this book with our couple at a party. They stand in a lobby of a large building or home and it's interesting to note the other people in the picture. She is pretty in a pink ball gown, low cut, with jewels, while our hero is handsome in a black jacket and buff trousers. Note that both wear gloves. What's interesting about this book is that the back cover has a smaller picture of the couple and notes "painting by Alan Kass". An interesting cover and fun read.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elizabeth Chater: Milady Hot at Hand

Milady Hot-at-Hand was published by Fawcett in February 1981 and is the story of Andrea, who disguises herself as a boy in order to find the murderer of her father.

Allan Kass paints our couple outside near a river with our heroine in male riding clothes. She has short curly hair and is holding a branch while our hero is tall and strong. He wears clothing of the Georgian period: a long waistcoat and outer coat. His hair is long and in a queue. It's a pastoral scene and quite a different illustration from Allan's usual elegant regency covers!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Elizabeth Chater: Lord Randal's Tiger

Lord Randal's Tiger is the second book I have by Elizabeth Chater that Allan Kass illustrated and it was published in May 1981. Chloe is found by Lord Randal and he dresses her as his servant to keep her from her wicked stepbrother.

Allan Kass creates an interesting cover, since obviously the servant is a woman and not really disguised! She is still pretty and wears a typical white full mans shirt and breeches. Her hair is done as pretty as any regency lady's! Our hero is horseback and handsome in a red coat. Allan was great at illustrating horses, too! A cute cover for a cute story!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elizabeth Chater: The Elsingham Portrait

The Elsingham Portrait is the first of three books that Allan Kass illustrated for Elizabeth Chater. This book was published in February 1980 and I have the republished version from September 1987. It is a different kind of story since it is a time travel for a modern day lady back to regency times. A portrait in a gallery sends her back into the arms of the portrait lady's husband! It's one of the first paranormal romance books I remember being published.

Allan Kass creates a handsome cover for this book with our couple and the infamous portrait! The heroine is prominent in a gold gown duplicated in the portrait while our hero is handsome in brown and red. The style of the clothing is more Georgian, with the fuller skirts and jackets.

The 1990's saw a rise in authors reaching for the paranormal in their stories and the regency/modern time travel story line was somewhat popular. Unfortunately, the popularity in paranormal romance in the 2000's killed the publication of regency romances, with all of the main publishers quitting their series. A few still get published under Harlequin and some historical romances are set during regency times.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mollie Chappell: The Loving Heart

The Loving Heart was published in 1977 by Fawcett and authored by Mollie Chappell. It is the only book I have of hers that Allan Kass illustrated. The story is set in Victorian times (1839-1901) and is about Martha, who falls in love with Robert, a young man from a wealthy family.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside a millinery shop. She is pretty in the full dress and frills of the mid Victorian era while he is dressed formally in black with a top hat. Note the ornate hats in the window! Her hair is smooth and she wears a full bonnet with large bow, which was popular in this time period. Note the hero's waistcoat and glass. This is a departure from the regency clothing that Allan usually depicts. A pretty cover evoking a street in London!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sarah Carlisle: Widow Aubrey

Widow Aubrey is the last book by Sarah Carlisle that I own illustrated by Allan Kass. It was published in 1978 and is the story of Caroline Aubrey, the widow of a Virginia planter, who returns to England and is encouraged to remarry by her grandmother. Can she find happiness in a second marriage? Carlisle did write other regencies for Fawcett.

Allan Kass creates an interesting cover of our couple in a library, probably in a private house. The heroine is on a moving stairway, used to reach the highest books. She wears a simple yellow day dress and holds a few books. Our hero is gorgeous in green and is holding her hand. They seem to be enjoying each other's company!

Regency romances were becoming very popular in the late 1970's due to the publishing of both Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland. Readers were eager for the next book and publishers like Signet and Fawcett began to produce more. Soon, other publishers such as Avon, Zebra, and Jove were also publishing regencies. Fawcett began a numbered series in 1979. The 1980's were the decade of the regency novel and some of the best stories were written and published!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sarah Carlisle: Kit and Kitty

Kit and Kitty is the second book I have of three that were illustrated by Allan for Sarah Carlisle. This particular book was published in August 1981 and is the story of Kit, who is titled, and Kitty, who is rich and are betrothed without ever meeting one another. Can two strangers find love with each other?

Allan Kass displays our young couple out of doors in a wood near a waterfall where they are enjoying nature! They are both dressed informally and seem to be enjoying a quiet moment together. I like how Allan depicts the rushing water and the growth of weeds and grasses around it. A rural and unusual cover for a regency title!

This book was part of Fawcett's Coventry series of regency romances and is titled #132. These books were published from 1979 through 1982.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah Carlisle: Cleopatra's Carpet

Cleopatra's Carpet is the first book by Sarah Carlisle that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. It was published in December 1979 and is the story of Louisa Bardoff and her unrequited love for Lord Geffrey. Can a London Season bring them together?

Allan Kass illustrates a beautiful night scene for this cover! Our couple standing in front of a fountain and are sharing an intimate moment. Our heroine is pretty in purple, a dress which has quite a modern cut to it, but also Grecian in style. Our hero embraces her and seems cast into the shadow of the evening. Note the cupid on top of the fountain and the flowers growing around the grass. A very pretty cover!

Most regency girls dreamed of going to London during April-July for the season. It was also referred to as the "marriage mart" since many people came to visit and court. A season was expensive and some girls traveled to relatives or in groups in order to attend. For many, it was the one chance to meet young men from outside their neighborhood!

I'm happy that this is the 100th Allan Kass book cover that's listed in my blog! I have just under 800 covers illustrated by Kass and am looking forward to posting all of them here. Please feel free to contact me with any questions. Allan Kass did approximately 1000 covers, so I'm convinced that a few are lurking out there that I don't have!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diana Campbell: The Reluctant Cyprian

The Reluctant Cyprian is the last book of Diana Campbell's that was illustrated by Allan Kass. This book was published in June 1983 and is the story of mistaken identity as Nicholas Stafford took Miss Juliet Brandon to be a cyprian, while in fact she was a young lady of respectability! The plot thickens when she agrees to help Nicholas lead astray his brother, Oliver and still keep her reputation!

Allan Kass shows our couple in a studio. It looks as if our heroine is painting the hero! Note the tools of the trade along with the painting on the easel behind them. Hopefully the heroine has a smock somewhere because it would be a pity to damage that pretty white dress that she is wearing! I'm sure that Diana Campbell was well pleased with the books that Allan Kass illustrated for her!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Diana Campbell: Payment in Kind

Payment in Kind was published in January 1985 and is another one of Diana Campbell's Signet regencies that Allan Kass illustrated. The book is about Molly Trevor, whose father made his fortune as a moneylender and left it all to her. She has her eyes set on a match with the Viscount Ogilvie and will enter society under a different identity to marry him!

Allan Kass must have been in a purple mood on the day he illustrated this book cover, but since purple is one of my favorite colors, I don't mind! Our heroine is pretty in a purple and white trimmed day dress while our hero matches her in his purple coat! I don't know if I have any other covers with the hero in purple! Also note the pretty blue flowers on the bottom right along with the concrete obelisks and gate!

Aristocrats would marry a women of lower class for money and this was considered a last measure to regain a fortune. Most would not contemplate this permanent decision unless it was highly necessary since there would be heiresses in society.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Diana Campbell: A Marriage of Inconvenience

A Marriage of Convenience was published by Signet in November 1982 for Diana Campbell. It is a story about a girl named Marietta Chase, who enters Twin Oaks to marry Roger, but ends up married to his elder brother, Christopher, instead.

Allan Kass draws a touching scene in this cover with our couple sharing a tender moment. Our heroine has a pensive expression, but is elegant in mint green. Our hero seems to comfort her as he gazes down at her from behind. I like how the cover tells a story that makes you want to pick up the book and read the back cover! I'd love to know if Allan's illustrated books sold more copies than the other Signet regencies?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Diana Campbell: Lord Margrave's Deception

Lord Margrave's Deception is the latest Diana Campbell book that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. It was published in April 1982 and is a story about Miranda Russell's receiving a shocking proposal from Lord Margrave that she pose as his wife to enable him to be free of the fortune hunters. She accepts because she is poor and realizes quickly that she wishes to become his wife in truth!

Allan Kass creates a pretty cover of our couple outside enjoying a moment in the garden. The heroine's purple dress is simple and pretty and she wears a matching headband in her brown hair. Our hero has red hair and wears a matching red tailcoat. I love the craggy old tree behind them. It doesn't seem to fit in with the landscaped nature of the lake and wall behind!

Regency life at times was very profligate, but it would have been difficult for a peer of the realm to have a pretend marriage, even though the Prince Regent once did the very same thing!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Diana Campbell: Kissing Cousins

Kissing Cousins was published in May 1986 and is the story of Cecily Osborne who is married to her cousin after he saves her from a seducer. Can these "kissing cousins" find love together?

Allan Kass paints an intricate cover of our couple standing in front of a beautiful mirrored piece of furniture. She wears an royal blue and gold slashed sleeved dress that looks like it could be an evening dress. Her hair is short, which would have been unusual for that time. Again, Allan embellishes his heroine with beautiful gold jewelry! Our hero is elegant in black. Note Allan's signature at the bottom right of this cover.

It was common for cousins to marry in regency England and it is still legal in many US states for first cousins to marry, though most think this weird! Many times it was to keep the estates intact and you knew the bloodlines and family. Remember how Lady Catherine wanted her daughter to marry Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Diana Campbell: Family Affairs

Family Affairs was published by Signet in July 1984 for Diana Campbell and is the story of Gwen and Viscount Fullerton as they try to break up the relationship of their respective parents! Can they do this without falling in love themselves?

Allan Kass paints another of my favorite covers! I love how the hero and heroine seem to be sharing an intimate moment! He is handsome in black evening wear while she wears a beautiful gold dress that is made elegant by her beautiful necklace and earrings along with her embroidered shawl. The room in which they stand is pretty, but what catches the eye is the green marble topped dresser. Most of Allan's models were townspeople of Big Sky, Montana or his children!

I remember this being a fun read with the parents causing trouble that is usually reserved for their children!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diana Campbell: The Earl's Invention

The Earl's Invention is also by Diana Campbell and was published in October 1986. It is a story about Bonnie Gordon, who is persuaded by the Earl of Sedgewick to pose as his niece in order to halt the expenditures of his heirs.

Allan Kass's illustration of this book is classic! I love the covers that he created in the mid-1980's. They are just full of beauty and elegance! This cover shows our couple dressed formally with our hero dashing with a red sash and a bit of gray in his hair! He leans on a brocade covered chair while our heroine is pretty in blue. I like the gold trimming on her dress and in her hair along with her long gloves. They stand in a room that is ornate without being overdone. Allan Kass was a master at creating a beautiful scene for his couples. Another beautiful and unique illustration that was not the norm for 1980's romances!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Diana Campbell: The Counterfeit Countess

The Counterfeit Countess was published in December 1983 by Signet for author Diana Campbell. This is the second book of hers illustrated by Allan Kass and it is the story of Selina, who poses as the wife of Lord Worsham in order to gain access to high society while he is trying to gain a fortune from his very strict grandmother.

Allan Kass creates an elegant cover of our couple at a ball. They stand outside and our heroine is dressed in a teal gown with gold accents. I like her matching jewelry and tiara. Note that our hero wears a velvet jacket and lace cravat! Allan initials this book in the lower right corner.

While this plot makes for fun reading, it's assumed that it wouldn't have happened in regency days. Any female spending the night with an unmarried man would have been ruined and have needed to marry immediately.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diana Campbell: A Breath of Scandal

A Breath of Scandal is the first book by Diana Campbell that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. Signet published this book in October 1987. The story is about Susanna Randall, who marries the Earl of Langham, who has seemingly disappeared after visiting the United States. She is ready to annul her marriage when he unexpectantly returns at the time she is ready to make another alliance!

Allan Kass creates a very interesting cover for this book. Our hero is different in that he has prematurely graying hair! Our heroine is elegant in a pink bonnet and pelisse. she carries a large striped hatbox, which meant that she was shopping or traveling. In the background stands the coach, coachman, and horse. This cover makes you wonder if the hero went gray from visiting the US!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Miranda Cameron: The Undaunted Bride

The Undaunted Bride is the last Allan Kass cover art done for Miranda Cameron. This book was published in March 1987 and is the story of Beatrice and Gareth, who start out their married life on a misunderstanding. Can getting to know one another create love for them?

Allan Kass illustrates an interesting cover. Our couple is center with the estate house and sky looming large behind them. Both are dressed in riding gear and in an interesting pose where she leans on his shoulder while he holds her from behind. This cover could almost be taken for a gothic romance!

This couple, like many during regency times, married for money or position, not love. This was not uncommon since people married to better themselves and their future offspring. Marrying for love was done, but became popular after the marriage of Queen Victoria.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Miranda Cameron: A Scandalous Bargain

A Scandalous Bargain was published in August 1983 and Miranda Cameron writes a story about Valeria, whose brother has indebted himself to the Earl of Carlyle. Valeria's only solution to help her brother is to offer herself to Lord Carlyle, but she is determined to make him fall in love!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in an embrace, so they obviously fell in love!! Again, Allan is so great in drawing proportions and I like the lines of her dress as she embraces the hero. Her hairdo is the other feature that stands out in this cover: very curly and elegant! I also like how this illustration is so relaxed! You feel as if you're peeking into a tender, intimate moment with this couple!

When I glance back at all of the illustrations Allan did for Miranda Cameron, I can't help but feel that she must have been thrilled at the cover art for her stories! They are so beautiful!