Thursday, November 12, 2009

Marion Chesney: Regency Gold

Fawcett published Regency Gold by Marion Chesney in January 1980. This copy is a reprint from October 1988. They had the same cover art. I believe that this is her first novel.

This story is about orphan Jean who lives a dismal life with her drunken uncle. She dreams of the Marquis of Fleetwater with little hope until she becomes an heiress and realizes that someone is out to kill her! The Marquis jumps in as the hero, but is he the love of her life?

Allan Kass illustrates a gorgeous cover for this book. Our couple attend a ball and are dressed formally. Our heroine is pretty in gold with jewels, as befits her wealth. She carries an ornate fan. Our hero is very handsome and carries a looking glass! I really like the emeralds that she is wearing. Allan is a master at creating elegant people and this is another great work of art!

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