Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mollie Chappell: The Loving Heart

The Loving Heart was published in 1977 by Fawcett and authored by Mollie Chappell. It is the only book I have of hers that Allan Kass illustrated. The story is set in Victorian times (1839-1901) and is about Martha, who falls in love with Robert, a young man from a wealthy family.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside a millinery shop. She is pretty in the full dress and frills of the mid Victorian era while he is dressed formally in black with a top hat. Note the ornate hats in the window! Her hair is smooth and she wears a full bonnet with large bow, which was popular in this time period. Note the hero's waistcoat and glass. This is a departure from the regency clothing that Allan usually depicts. A pretty cover evoking a street in London!

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