Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sandra Heath: The Wrong Miss Richmond

The last Sandra Heath book illustrated by Allan Kass is The Wrong Miss Richmond, published by Signet in April 1989. Christina Richmond realizes that her sister is now her rival when she meets her sister's fiance, the handsome Lord St. Clement! Will love triumph over family?

Allan Kass has our couple near a ruin of a church. Our couple are walking while their horses eat grass nearby. Both are dressed in riding habit with our heroine's in a military style popular during regency times. We seem to be interrupting an important conversation between the two. I like the early morning sky lighting up between the cloud bank.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sandra Heath: The Unwilling Heiress

The Unwilling Heiress by Sandra Heath was published by Signet in May 1981. Janine Oldfield finally learns her mother's secret: that she is the legitimate daughter of Henry Winterton. Her actress mother sends her to her grandfather in order to be recognized, but while there, Janine falls in love and wonders if she could be an imposter!

I think this cover by Allan Kass is so pretty. Our couple share an embrace and you can just feel that they love each other. They stand in a relaxed fashion in front of a pianoforte. The heroine's yellow gown is unique for being sleeveless and shows off her full figure. The hero is dressed for a ball and looks very elegant.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sandra Heath: The Smuggler's Daughter

The Smuggler's Daughter is one of Signet's earlier regencies published in August 1979. Coralie Somerford was raised in rural England but once she meets Madoc Vaughan, she knows this rake is the one she's meant to marry. However, Averil, a local smuggler's daughter, who is engaged to the area lord, also wants him and will he choose love or money?

This is a nice view of a little village and its main or high street. We see a coach just leaving and wonder whether one of our couple meant to be a passenger? This is Allan Kass at his best. Look at the detail of the buildings and sky scape. Our hero and heroine are handsome and elegant in their features and dress.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sandra Heath: The Sherborne Sapphires

May 1982 saw the publication of The Sherborne Sapphires by prolific author Sandra Heath. Amy Van Allen, an American, met a new friend while attending a Presidential dinner and Olivia Sherborne invited her to spend a holiday in England and stay for her wedding. On the way, Amy discovers the story about the Sherborne sapphires and Olivia's late sister in law. She is determined to hate Jonathan Sherborne, but then she meets him!

Allan Kass creates a simply elegant picture for this cover of our couple. Our heroine wears the sapphire necklace as she shares a moment with the hero. They are dressed for dinner and stand in an ornate sitting room. The heroine's hairdo isn't too formal, but may be a style that suits her American personality. The letter she lightly holds intrigues me...perhaps from a past suitor?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sandra Heath: Shades of the Past

Shades of the Past, a regency/time travel romance by Sandra Heath, was published by Signet in June 1996. Laura Reynolds, a modern day actress flies through time and she plays the role of a lifetime: a dead ringer for a handsome Lord's late wife!

Allan Kass brings a modern touch to this cover with our heroine's flowing hair. We see a prominent clock, symbolizing the timed theme of our story. Our heroine is dressed in regency clothing, but has a modern feel to her because of her hairstyle. Our hero is handsome and wealthy. This is one of Allan's later covers and we can see his signature at the bottom right corner.

Regency time travel romances have been popular, but not very many have been published. Jo Ann Simon wrote a few from the 1980's that were good. Signet has also done a few. They were a precursor to the gothic and paranormal genre.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sandra Heath: The Second Lady Southvale

March 1990 is the publication date of The Second Lady Southvale by Sandra Heath. American Rosalind Carberry accepts the offers of Lord Philip Southvale against the wishes of her family. It's only once she arrives in England that she realizes the odds against happiness in her marriage.

Allan Kass shows our couple sitting on a sofa near a pianoforte. Our heroine wears a pretty dress of green that suits her blonde coloring. Our hero is precisely dressed in a red coat and dark trousers with an elegant gold waistcoat. I like the instrument behind them with the open sheet music! Some Kass touches include her graceful hairdo and gold bracelet and ring.