Friday, September 18, 2009

Miranda Cameron: A Scandalous Bargain

A Scandalous Bargain was published in August 1983 and Miranda Cameron writes a story about Valeria, whose brother has indebted himself to the Earl of Carlyle. Valeria's only solution to help her brother is to offer herself to Lord Carlyle, but she is determined to make him fall in love!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in an embrace, so they obviously fell in love!! Again, Allan is so great in drawing proportions and I like the lines of her dress as she embraces the hero. Her hairdo is the other feature that stands out in this cover: very curly and elegant! I also like how this illustration is so relaxed! You feel as if you're peeking into a tender, intimate moment with this couple!

When I glance back at all of the illustrations Allan did for Miranda Cameron, I can't help but feel that she must have been thrilled at the cover art for her stories! They are so beautiful!

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