Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dawn Lindsey: The Talisman

The Talisman by Dawn Lindsey was published by Signet in May 1990. Heiress Alessia Fielding has everything she wants, except the man she'd like to wed. Rhys Fitzwarren is poor and has a scandalous past that an heiress wouldn't want to inherit! But she's convinced that he's the man for her!!

This is one of the enlarged covers by Allan Kass. We see our couple up close and dominant in the picture. They stand in a idyllic scene with a pretty bridge crossing a small waterfall. Allan is great in creating places where we'd love to visit!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dawn Lindsey: The Reluctant Heroine

The Reluctant Heroine by Dawn Lindsey was published in July 1993 and is the story of Regina Alderstock, an English lady trapped in Spain during Napoleon's war. She is trying to fend off an amorous French admirer when Major Adam Canfield arrives and decides to rescue her!

Allan Kass creates a busy and crowded cover for this story with our couple in the middle of a ball. Our heroine is lovely and golden while the hero is dashing in his regimentals! I like the Spanish lady in the background, who, in black, is a direct dark contrast to our heroine.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dawn Lindsey: Notorious Lady

Notorious Lady was published in June 1987 by Signet and written by prolific author Dawn Lindsey. The Earl of Roxbury makes a mistaken assumption about Philippa Mayhew and finds that she is a force to be reckoned with in the game of love!

This is a charming cover by Allan Kass. I love the hero; he's so handsome and elegant. The heroine is lovely in her lilac gown and we get a glimpse of a cold winter's day. Allan is a master at the details: the wine glass, her fan, the paintings and her jewelry. Always a lot to see and admire in a Kass illustration!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Dawn Lindsey: The Nonpareil

The Nonpareil by Dawn Lindsey was published by Signet in Febuary 1986. Phila Ainsley is living on the charity of her relatives and finds herself having to persuade Havelocke James, the Nonpareil, to forgive her brother's gaming debt. She was expecting an elderly man, not this handsome and dashing dandy!

Allan Kass creates an almost pensive cover for this book. Our hero and heroine are walking in a park or garden and probably discussing the debt owed by her brother. I like that the heroine looks young while our hero is charming. A good example of Kass's earlier work.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dawn Lindsey: The Great Lady Tony

The Great Lady Tony, by Dawn Lindsey, was published in December 1986. Lady Antonia Burke was the beauty of the season and admired by all. Lucian St. Claire was society's most disgraceful rake. When these two met, it was bound to be the courtship of the season!!

This is one of Allan Kass's most beautiful covers! I love the setting of our couple standing in the snow outside of this beautiful mansion. Our heroine is fashionably dressed in a vivid red fur edged coat with a whimsical hat while the hero is draped in green wool. Their expressions say it all here: they're in love.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dawn Lindsey: Dunraven's Folly

Dunraven's Folly was published by Signet in December 1989. Cathleen Dunraven has a dilemma: she doesn't want to hurt her grandfather, but his schemes against Lord Simon Grey might just end her chance at love!

I like this cover by Allan Kass. Our couple have been riding and we see a beautiful splash of countryside. Our heroine is wearing a dashing military styled riding habit while the hero wears more traditional riding dress. It makes me wonder if they're planning and plotting themselves! Allan's outside scenes are always accurate and drawn with detail in mind.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dawn Lindsey: The American Cousin

The American Cousin, by Dawn Lindsey, was published by Signet in January 1995. Sorrel Kent is visiting her English relations and is surprised by the man who her cousin means to marry. The Marquis of Wycherly is as arrogant and self absorbed as her cousin and they'll make a perfect match, if only she can quit thinking about him!

Allan Kass places our couple in a garden which is near the center of a village. We can't tell if they met by chance or came together, but it's a beautiful place for a declaration of love. I like all of the colors of the blooming flowers and the setting is very picturesque.

Dawn Lindsey is one of Signet's popular authors and wrote many regencies under their name. Seven were illustrated by Allan Kass.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Edith Layton: Red Jack's Daughter

Red Jack's Daughter was published in May 1984 by Signet for author Edith Layton. It is the story of Jessica Eastwood who becomes an heiress after the death of her beloved father and how she navigates London's season with the most desirable suitors claiming her attention!

Allan Kass gives us a delightful cover picture of our hero and heroine. What I love about his early work is the immense detail that goes into every cover. Note the carving on the fireplace mantel and the bookshelf beyond. Our hero is amorous while our heroine is lovely in yellow and emeralds. Click on the photo to enlarge and enjoy.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Edith Layton: The Mysterious Heir

The Mysterious Heir by Edith Layton was published by Signet in January 1984. Elizabeth DeLisle goes to the Earl of Auden's estate to see if she can convince him to name her young cousin as heir in order for them to survive, since they are poor. However, there are other heirs in waiting besides her attraction to the earl!

I think this is a lovely cover by Allan Kass. I love the heroine's white ball gown and her white pearl jewelry. Our hero is also handsome in his black tie and the evening colors emphasize the setting and their coloring.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Edith Layton: A Love for all Seasons

A Love for All Seasons is a Signet Super Regency which was published in May 1992. Signet Super Regency is an offshoot of the Signet Regency Romance series and is a longer story than the traditional regencies. Signet began this line around 1989. As far as I know, this is the only book of short stories done by the same author for Signet, even though they are well known for their Christmas short stories.

Edith writes about 4 different girls and their tales of love during each season. Felicia, Adela, Bronwen, and Marjorie's stories intertwine and culminate in the story about Felicia's mother, Rachel. I think the cover by Allan Kass is interesting in that it shows each of the seasons but only one couple. It almost has a vintage plate look!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Edith Layton: Lady of Spirit

Lady of Spirit was published in October 1986 by Signet and written by famous author Edith Layton. Victoria Dawkins accepts the Earl of Clune's offer to become a paid companion even though he first came to her with a quite different proposition which she wholeheartedly rejected!

Allan Kass does a great job showing our roue hero and our virtuous heroine here! I love the style of her coral regency day dress with the ruff and sheer bodice insert while our hero is dashing in black jacket and buff pantaloons. Notice the large dog on the floor. It's a homey scene and a great romance cover.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Edith Layton: The Indian Maiden

The Indian Maiden was published by Signet in June 1986. Edith Layton writes a story about Faith Hamilton, an American, who is sent to England to find a husband from the upper classes. Both Barnabas Deal, a rake, and the Earl of Methley, who needed a rich wife, were her suitors in this season of enchantment!

Allan Kass's beautiful depiction of our heroine is definitely the focal point of this cover. Her unique gown of red, white, and blue may be a mocking jest at the English where she is making her presentation.

There are a few regencies where the heroine was American, but it would have been uncommon for one to travel the ocean during the regency, which was a time of hostility between the two countries.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Edith Layton: False Angel

False Angel by Edith Layton was published in October 1985 by Signet. Lady Leonora is falling in love with the Marquess of Severne as she guides her cousin Annabelle through the season. When Severne begins to show interest in Leonora, Annabelle's jealous schemes almost keep them apart.

An unusual action cover by Allan Kass, here we see our hero and the two ladies involved in this story. Annabelle is the blonde that the hero is helping with the bow and Leonora stands behind watching. I like the beautiful depiction of the grounds with the topiary gardens. It's also an interesting cover since The Hunger Games has made archery popular again.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Edith Layton: The Duke's Wager

The Duke's Wager is our next novel by Edith Layton and was published by Signet in February 1983. This book is a prequel to yesterday's The Disdainful Marquis in that it also contains the hero from that book, the Marquis of Bessacarr, who is a suitor to the hand of Regina Berryman. Along with the Duke of Torquay, they both are rivals in life and now love. Regina needs all of her instincts to decide which is her heart's desire.

I like this cover because we see both heroes with our heroine! Allan Kass does a superb job illustration the angelic duke with the rakish marquis and their jealousy. I think the heroine is gorgeous in her mint green ball gown and love her matching jewels. It's an elegant cover and one of Allan's best examples of his "early regency" work.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Edith Layton: The Disdainful Marquis

The Disdainful Marquis by Edith Layton was published by Signet in August 1983. I am lucky to have an autographed copy and treasure it! This story is about Catherine Robins who was the companion of the Duchess of Crewe, but was expected to please the duchess's male friends, one of who was the rakish Marquis of Bessacarr!

I think this ranks as one of my favorite covers by Allan Kass! I love the hero, who is a typical Kass hero: mid 30's, handsome, chiseled, and well dressed. The heroine is lovely in her sapphire blue gown, which flatters her dark hair and matches her blue eyes. They stand in an elegant room full of beautiful objects of art where you can almost feel the heat of the fire, too. Click to enlarge and enjoy!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Edith Layton: The Abandoned Bride

Next we come to author Edith Layton, who was lucky enough to have Allan Kass as her illustrator on all of her Signet regencies, save one! The Abandoned Bride was published in May 1985 and is the story of Julia Hastings, who eloped with Nicholas Daventry's nephew but was never wed to him. She becomes a companion when she realizes that her elopement has hurt her family and meets Nicholas, who has no love for her.

Allan Kass creates a romantic cover for this novel. I like the simplicity of the park setting with our heroine dressed as if she had been taking a stroll in the garden. We definitely feel as if we're intruding on an intimate scene!

Sadly, Edith Layton died a few years ago, but she became a very popular romance author. You can find her book list at edithlayton.com

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Emma Lange: The Unwavering Miss Winslow

The Unwavering Miss Winslow was published in September 1989. Jessica Winslow was beautiful but only a paid companion, so her admirers were persistent and didn't offer marriage. She was on the verge of accepting a dull, but respectable minister when the dashing Earl of Roxham floated into her sphere!

Allan Kass creates an intricate cover for this book. I love the heroine's braided hair. Her simple dress and shawl are elegant, but fitting for a companion. The hero wears an unusual shade of blue for his jacket which suit his coloring. I like the elegant features of this room; Allan always adds the extra detail!

Emma Lange has written other titles for Signet that weren't illustrated by Allan Kass.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Emma Lange: The Reforming of Lord Roth

The Reforming of Lord Roth was published by Signet in December 1990 and written by Emma Lange. Isabella Ramsey was a country miss whose biggest challenge was to keep her household together until she met the worldly Marquess of Roth and realized how ignorant she was!

I like this cover by Allan Kass of our couple at a ball.  Our heroine is prettily dressed for the occasion. I like the combination of green and gold with her red hair. The hero is dashing in formal wear and it's always interesting to see extra couples in Allan's covers.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Emma Lange: The Irish Rake

The Irish Rake is a May 1996 Signet publication for their Regency Romance line and written by author Emma Lange. Miss Gillian Edwards was engaged to staid Lord Lionel but she only had eyes for the rakish Marquess of Clare!

This is such a beautiful cover by Allan Kass! I love the outdoor setting and it looks so cool and idyllic. Our hero is definitely dashing and the heroine very pretty in her purple riding dress. It seems as if they've come to an understanding while standing in this sylvan area.