Saturday, December 31, 2011

Emily Hendrickson: The Abandoned Rake

Next we offer a series of books by author Emily Hendrickson that were illustrated by Allan Kass. Emily is one of Signet's prolific authors and The Abandoned Rake is a June 1995 publication.

Joanna leaves London after a disastrous season and a narrow escape from a dreaded marriage. She flees to a rural locale which houses, unknown to her, Sir Lucas Montfort, premier rake of the realm!

Looking at this outdoor cover scene by Allan Kass, we don't get the impression of a wicked rake! The dog near the rowboat seems to lighten the picture of seduction. Our couple lounge relaxed under a tree and our heroine seems rather dressed up for her outing with gloves, jewels, and a parasol! Our hero seems more casually dressed, as if he had been rowing and saw her walking along the shore.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Veronica Heley: Kate

Kate, by Veronica Heley, is a Coventry Romance for Fawcett, numbered 185 and published in May 1982. This is the only book by Heley illustrated by Allan Kass, but I believe she wrote a few other regencies. This book is considered Victorian, which was the time frame after 1830.

Kate was in love with Max, who was engaged to Amy. Unfortunately for him, he is falsely accused and thrown into prison, so his fiancee marries another. Kate ends up helping him, but finds out that through all of this torment, he is still in love with Amy. We'll end here, but realize that the cover is probably the best part of this book!

Allan Kass creates a rare Victorian illustration for this cover with our couple standing in a room with an elegant fireplace! Our heroine's dress is emerald green, full and fancy. I like the headband of ribbons that match her gown and the lacy, frilly gloves. It's the gown of a young girl, but beautiful in its detail. The hero wears a suit similar to our modern tuxedo, where his cravet resembles a tie.