Saturday, November 21, 2009

Norma Lee Clark: Cupid's Calendar

Cupid's Calendar is the first book I have by Norma Lee Clark. She wrote quite a number of regencies under the Signet and Fawcett Coventry lines. This copy was published in July 1992.

This story is about Lady Ursula, who is positive that she'll remain single after nursing her mother through an illness and attaining the age of 25 without an offer. However, cupid has his moments and she finds herself courted by two eligible gentlemen!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple on a balcony. I like the roses creeping up the wall and the window behind, giving the illusion of a closed space. Our heroine is pretty in apple green. I like her bracelet and ring, which are typical Kass accessories! Our hero is dashing in a burgandy coat. I wonder if he is proposing? Another great Allan Kass cover!

Most women married in their early 20's, so those older were considered spinsters. Since having an heir was important, most men married a younger woman who could give them children.

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