Friday, October 24, 2014

A Regency Valentine 2

A Regency Valentine 2 was published by Signet in January 1992. It has stories by authors Mary Balogh, Sandra Heath, Carla Kelly, Edith Layton, and Carol Proctor.

Allan Kass gives us another illustration of a couple in love, this time set in an oval frame. Our couple is dressed for a ball and look very elegant. The pink and lacy theme of the cover reference the holiday. Signet published two more editions of Valentine stories but Kass didn't illustrate them.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Regency Valentine

A Regency Valentine was published by Signet in February 1991 and is a short story anthology with stories by authors Mary Balogh, Emma Lange, Joan Wolf, Patricia Rice, and Katherine Kingsley. All of the stories revolve around Valentine's Day and love.

Allan Kass gives us a valentine of a cover with our couple in love. We don't see much more except that they are dressed in regency garb and standing outside and obviously in love. It's a neat idea to place the painting inside a lacy heart but I like the full cover illustrations better.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Regency Summer

A Regency Summer is a short story anthology published by Signet in June 1992. It contains stories by Mary Balogh, Charlotte Louise Dolan, Sandra Heath, Melinda McRae, and Sheila Walsh.  These anthologies by Signet are some of my favorite reads and I highly recommend all of them.

Allan Kass gives us a glimpse of regency beachcombers on this cover! Dressed for sun and fun, our people are enjoying a sunny day. While the hero is probably overheating, the ladies look cool and lovely in their summer muslin dresses.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Regency Christmas 4

Next we have 9 short story anthologies that Allan Kass illustrated. This one, A Regency Christmas 4, was published in November 1992 and has stories by popular regency authors Mary Balogh, Marjorie Farrell, Sandra Heath, Emma Lange, and Mary Jo Putney.

These must have been fun covers to illustrate since they wrap around the book and offer a large scope for detail. This one of couples skating is especially wintery and it's fun to see their clothing and skates. Kass injects this cover with fun and frivolity of the season.

Monday, October 20, 2014

John Dickson Carr: Scandal at High Chimneys

Scandal at High Chimneys was published by Bantam in July 1968 and is a mystery/horror by well known author John Dickson Carr. In a Victorian mansion, two females live but one is the embodiment of pure evil.

Allan Kass illustrates our heroine fleeing the haunted mansion. I like the sea of green which gives it an eery look along with the tree branches reaching out like fingers to grab the heroine. Note Allan's signature under her hand, otherwise I'd have had a problem believing this was a Kass cover!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Robert Ackworth: North County Nurse

North County Nurse is a Dell Candlelight novel by Robert Ackworth. Published in November 1969, it's the story of nurse Mary Loring who came back to work in her beloved home with the doctor she desires until he returns a married man! Can a crazy pilot change her mind?

This is an early Allan Kass illustration since he began around 1968-9, so it's interesting to see how he uses his talent to conform to what the editors want on these romance series. I think he had more freedom with the regency covers but these earlier ones still show the detail he's known for.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Edward S. Aarons: I Can't Stop Running

I Can't Stop Running is a contemporary thriller by Edward S. Aarons and was published in April 1971. Crane is accused of a stealing gold and those who want it will stop at nothing to retrieve it.

Allan Kass creates a provocative cover for this novel! It definitely leans towards the pulp novels from the 1950's and '60's. We have the armed hero who has visited or is visiting the unclad lady. It's a study in anatomy which Kass is master, so enjoy!