Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jane Converse: Thrill Show Nurse

Thrill Show Nurse was published in August 1975 by Signet and is about Kay Bradley, who accepts a job for a motorcycle stunt riding show after the doctor she loves decides that marriage isn't feasible right now for him. When one of the performers falls for her, she wonders if she'll ever be able to marry anyone but the doctor!

Allan Kass illustrates this book with our heroine in her nurses uniform with the motorcycles running in the background! I like the orange background which seems like red clay flying up from the tires! Our heroine seems superimposed on this cover and opposite of the job that she now has. Enjoy it!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jane Converse: Society Nurse

Society Nurse was published in October 1975 and nurse Nina Bateman takes a private nursing case to care for a young heiress, Cindy, whose mother has Dr. Mark Danover in sight for her daughter! Can Nina compete with an heiress?

Allan Kass illustrates our cover with our heroine in front and the heiress and her wealth in the background. We see the handsome doctor nearby along with a Mercedes Benz and a beautiful house! One interesting fact is that Allan worked for the auto dealers and spent many years drawing cars for ads!

Nurse romances were very popular in the 1960's and 70's. They were the modern or current day version of romances along with gothic romances. Historical romances, like Barbara Cartland's, were also very popular during this time.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jane Converse: Penthouse Nurse

Penthouse Nurse is another Jane Converse nurse romance that was published by Signet in April 1974 and illustrated by Allan Kass. This story is about a nurse named Carrie Linden, who gets a wonderful assignment as a private duty nurse to wealthy Jim Orr. She takes it because it gives her a chance to be with Ken Delaney, Jim's doctor and the man she secretly loves. When another doctor starts looking her way, she begins to wonder if her love for Ken is hopeless.

I like this cover by Allan Kass. It's simple and yet, the couple are vividly portrayed and drawn with classically "Kass" features. Our heroine is pretty in her nurse uniform. Note her wristwatch: Allan loves to incorporate jewelry on his heroines! She is reminiscent of his regency ladies! Our hero is also very Kass-like as he looks on from the background. I love the tall, thin candles and the flower arrangement, so 70's! I hope that you like this cover, too!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Jane Converse:The Party Nurses

The Party Nurses was published by Signet for Jane Converse in July 1974. This story is about Martha Leland, who followed Dr. Tony Glover to California, but finds herself in a small town that caters to singles and parties. He is opposed to this free-wheeling lifestyle and then something happens that could shatter her dream of Tony and her career!

Allan Kass shows our couple outside with the party background of pool, party, and palm trees! Our heroine is pretty in her nurse outfit and our hero wears a tan jacket. I like that Allan used purple to illuminate the sky, pool water, and empathize our couple while also drawing our eye to the small umbrellas and light in the building behind.

This book retailed for 95 cents and I can see someone picking it up in a grocery store to have an afternoon read! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jane Converse: Obstetrical Nurse

Obstetrical Nurse was published in June 1972 for Jane Converse by Signet. Marguerite Lowell is attracted to the young doctor, Lon Webster, but he has eyes only for the beautiful receptionist at the hospital. Dr. Warren Leach, chief of obstetrics, is in love with Marguerite and proposes. Should she marry Warren or wait and see if Lon will look at her?

Allan Kass does a great job illustrating the love triangle of this story on the cover! We see our beautiful heroine and the doctor she is infatuated with nearby in green scrubs, while the chief doctor is pensive in the background. I like the plain green background. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jane Converse: Nurse in Turmoil

Nurse in Turmoil is another of Jane Converse's nurse romances and was published by Signet in January 1974. This is the story of Gloria Stockwell who is loved by two doctors. She's quarreled with Jerry and now Matt is waiting to comfort her. How can she make a decision between two good men?

Allan Kass creates a beautiful illustration for this book. I love the couple sitting outside near a lake. Our heroine is pretty in her uniform and sweater thrown over it. Our hero wears a shirt and sweater. I like the details in the grass and lake. The couple seem quiet and contemplative. This book costs 75 cents when new!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jane Converse: Nurse in Las Vegas

Nurse in Las Vegas was published for Jane Converse by Signet in January 1975. Nurse Lana is interested in taking a job for Reggie Prince, a famous comedian, but is warned away from a doctor that she likes who is on the case. When she does begin working, she realizes that the patient wants a closer relationship with her and that the Dr. Whitaker seems content to fade out of her way. Nothing seems to be working out right...

Allan Kass draws an interesting cover showing our heroine and the men that are attracted to her. In the background, we see the comedian and a Vegas act. Our nurse is a very pretty girl and looks too sweet to be caught up in the pleasures of Las Vegas. I like how Allan conveys the contrasts of the nurse and the party atmosphere on this cover. Click to enlarge.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Jane Converse: Jet Set Nurse

Jet Set Nurse was published by Signet in May 1970 for Jane Converse and is the story of Roxy Ferris, who is hired to watch the 16 year old daughter of a wealthy heiress. What happens next is a fascinating tale of psychotic danger, intrigue, and love!

Allan Kass creates an interesting illustration for this book. It's almost an opposite take with the quiet, refined nurse against the backdrop of the wild, colorful, party atmosphere of the masked lady. Odd and very 1960-ish placement of the two faces! Let me know if you like it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hostage Nurse

Hostage Nurse has a publication date of April 1973 and Jane Converse writes a novel about a young nurse named Jenny Cole who has argued with her boyfriend, Ale Walters. They are thrown together in a bizarre and terrifying adventure and wonder if they can love each other again.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside with an airplane grounded behind them. The locations seems to be tropic and our couple seem to be in danger, hence the gun. Our heroine is dishevelled and our hero is alert to danger. I like the orange sky and purple tones of the airplane.