Friday, December 18, 2009

Jane Converse: Accused Nurse

Jane Converse is the next author I'm featuring that had books illustrated by Allan Kass! She also wrote some Silhouette Romances in the early 1980's, but mainly wrote Nurse Romances. This book is the first of many that Allan illustrated and I hope you enjoy them!

Accused Nurse was published in November 1974 by Signet and is about Paula Owens, whose world fell apart after the death of her parents and left her with 2 brothers to support. Then she is accused of a crime that could cause her her job and her fiance.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple on an ice rink. Note the skates being carried by the hero. Our heroine wears a nurses cap and gown with a purple coat thrown over it. Our hero is handsome in dark green and black. I like the gothic aspect of the woods and the contrast with our couple. It's a great cover! Enjoy!

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