Saturday, December 12, 2009

Virginia Coffman: The Evil at Queen's Priory

The Evil at Queen's Priory was published by Signet in December 1978 for Virginia Coffman. It is one of a few that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. This cover is exciting because I found it a month ago!

It's a gothic story about a widow, who hears a ghostly voice that sounds like her dead husband. She's also concerned about her young son and her attraction to her husband's brother, who may just be his killer!

Allan Kass illustrated quite a few gothics for Signet and I like this one because it has some interesting details on the cover: what or who is the ghostly statue? Why is the window open? Is the room on fire? I also like how Allan has the heroine in modern dress. Note her modern hairdo and jewelry. It's a great cover and was an exciting find!

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