Monday, May 31, 2010

Diana Douglas: New Orleans Nurse

New Orleans Nurse by Diana Douglas was published by Signet in August 1974. Melinda Fontaine takes a job in New Orleans with a patient surrounded by a shroud of secrecy. She's not too concerned until the doctor, Garth Woodward and an old friend, warns her that both her life and her patients could be in danger!

Allan Kass outdoes himself with this illustration! I love the setting and the couple sitting on a bench that surrounds a large tree. Our heroine looks capable in her uniform and holds a purple iris that echoes the color of the hero's sweater. It's interesting to see the hero in such casual wear as jeans! A great cover that I hope you enjoy, too!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Diana Douglas: Mystery Nurse

January 1968 is the publication date for Mystery Nurse by Diana Douglas. I had a hard time finding this copy, since there is a later edition with a different illustration that is not Allan Kass's.

Diane Halliday has an assignment for a patient who lives on a large California estate. However, she is never to let the patient know that she is a nurse! To complicate the issue, she begins to fall in love with John, her patient's son!

Allan Kass creates an intriguing cover for this book. We see our nurse heroine front and center, with a telephone furtively talking into it. Our patient is in pink and the handsome son in bright orange! It's another combined illustration to represent the story.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Diana Douglas: Hockey Star Nurse

Hockey Star Nurse was published by Signet in October 1972 for Diana Douglas and is one of her novels that has an element of sports involved. Tina Grahame has two brothers that are courting her and both very different men: one is a hockey star and the other is a doctor. Who will she choose?

Allan Kass illustrates this book with our heroine in the foreground and a group of hockey players in the back. It is a typical cover style of the 1970's. Our heroine is a pretty nurse in her cap and white pinned uniform. I like the action of the players; you can feel their movement. These sports related nurse romances are hard to find and coveted by collectors!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Diana Douglas: The Fledgling Nurses

The Fledgling Nurses was published in February 1971 by Signet for Diana Douglas and is another of her nurse romances. This story is about Tina and her fellow nurses and their romances. Will she fall for the handsome John or the steady Roger?

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in the hospital. Our heroine holds a clipboard and jots notes while the hero doctor looks on. I like the touch of the purple blue flowers which is echoed in the purple background. This is another of Allan's early book covers and it's neat to see his evolution over the years. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Diana Douglas: Doctor in Shadow

Doctor in Shadow by Diana Douglas was published by Signet in August 1967. Dr. Desmond Burton returns to San Francisco after being in London for 2 years. He finds that his older mentor can't and shouldn't be operating, his girlfriend gone, and a new nurse who could become a pawn in this triangle of problems.

Allan Kass creates a very green cover for this book! We see our couple standing near a pool of water. It's a touching scene with our doctor hero embracing the nurse heroine. I like it since it's one of Allan's earliest illustrations. Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diana Douglas: Beauty Contest Nurse

Beauty Contest Nurse by Diana Douglas was published by Signet in August 1973. Nurse Maria MacKenzie gets a job at a luxurious resort hotel in Acapulco! She gets assigned to the contestants in the Beauty Contest and meets three very different men. Can she trust her heart in this tropical paradise?

Allan Kass illustrates a patchwork cover which shows all the important aspects of this book: our hero doctor, our heroine nurse, a contestant, and the scenery of Acapulco! I almost like the vignettes of the scenery better than the people on this cover! What's your favorite aspect of this cover art?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Diana Douglas: Apollo Nurse

November 1970 was the publication of Diana Douglas's book, Apollo Nurse, from Signet. Rena Drummond is attracted to the handsome astronaut who saved her from a shark in the surf a few days earlier! Can she compete against a beautiful socialite for his affections?

Allan Kass creates a great cover for this book! We see the rocket launch, our astronaut, and our nurse! The purple and orange colors are vibrant and the cover is a typical style for the time.

This book came out during the heyday of the Apollo flights and, I'm sure, was very popular! This is the first of many nurse romances by Diana Douglas that I have to post since Allan Kass illustrated many of her books! Enjoy and don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Anne Douglas: Miss Caroline's Deception

April 1995 saw the publication from Signet of Anne Douglas's book: Miss Caroline's Deception. Caroline was living in the house of the Earl of Rycote, but she couldn't reveal anything about herself or her past. Who was she and from whom was she hiding?

Allan Kass illustrates our couple near an ornate fireplace. Our hero embraces our heroine and he has both of their eyes shut, which is uncommon in his paintings, but evokes the emotion of the couple. He wears a sky blue jacket while our heroine is pretty in a bright yellow dress with slashed sleeves and lace. Note her emerald jewelry! Again, Allan gets the details correct with a bronze bust on the mantel and paintings on the wall. This was the only cover he did for Anne Douglas. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Charlotte Louise Dolan: The Unofficial Suitor

The Unofficial Suitor is the last of Charlotte L. Dolan's books illustrated by Allan Kass. This book was published by Signet for their Regency Romance line in July 1992. Lady Cassiopeia Anderby was being sacrificed in order to pay for her brother's financial needs. Only one man could save her: Richard Hawke, but could she trust him in love?

Allan Kass creates a delightful picture for this cover! Our heroine is elegant in a military themed riding habit of royal blue! She outshines the hero, who is colorful in a red waistcoat and dark jacket. They stand near an ornate fireplace that holds a huge clock. The room is decorated with paintings of family members. It's a very nice cover that I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Charlotte Louise Dolan: Three Lords for Lady Anne

October 1991 saw the publication of Three Lords for Lady Anne by Charlotte L. Dolan. Anne Hemsworth is a governess who has one man pursuing her for sport and another offering love, but not marriage. Can she find love while holding off these men?

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in a library. Our heroine stands on a ladder where she holds a book for her charges. Our hero looks up at her. We see that someone has been studying in this room and admire the playfulness of our couple. It's a cute cover that I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Charlotte Louise Dolan: The Substitute Bridegroom

Next comes The Substitute Bridegroom by Charlotte L. Dolan, published by Signet in February 1991. Elizabeth Goldsborough ended up wed to Captain Darius St. John after an unfortunate accident. Can a marriage that has begun so become one of love?

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside near a park. Our heroine is pretty in a creamy colored day dress and carries a straw hat. I like the details on her dress with the lace edging and the purple sash, that matches her hat. Our hero wears a dark blue jacket and embraces the heroine from behind. Note the carriage in the background and the railings in front. Again, Allan is great with the details. Enjoy!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Charlotte Louise Dolan: Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is next from Charlotte Louise Dolan. Signet published this in February 1993 and it's the story of Verity Jolliffe, who wonders why Lord Sherington is interested in her when he has the dashing Eleanor Lowndes as his mistress and others eager for his attention?

Allan Kass creates a park scene for this book. Our couple stand nearby and are dressed for outside. I really like her emerald green fur decorated cape! Our hero wears a beige caped greatcoat and we see a carriage behind being drawn by two horses. Our couple look as if they are friends out for a walk on a cold day!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Charlotte Louise Dolan: The Counterfeit Gentleman

The Counterfeit Gentleman was published by Signet in August 1994 for Charlotte Louise Dolan. Bethia Pepperell is rescued from the sea by Digory Rendel. She doesn't want to like him since he's of low birth, but finds that he is the only man who she considers marrying!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple outside in a little village near the sea. Our couple wear coats over their dress. What intrigues me is the setting of this cover. You can almost smell the salt air! I like the houses climbing up the coast and the tall sailboats in the harbor.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Marjorie DeBoer: The Whitbourne Legacy

The Whitbourne Legacy is the only book illustrated by Allan Kass for Marjorie DeBour. This book was published by Signet in July 1985. Rosalyn Archer meets Mr. Worth Forrester, who is in search of his English ancestry. He is in love with Rosalyn, but needs to find out the truth in order to be able to marry her!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in a music room. Our heroine stands before a pianoforte and our hero holds her hand while she plays a tune with the other. Our heroine is a very pretty young girl and the details in the background make this a truly lovely cover!

Music was an important part of life during the regency times. Most girls had instruction with piano or harp and could sing. Evenings held some kind of musical entertainment and people loved attending concerts and opera.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Clare Darcy: Victoire

Victoire is the last book by Clare Darcy that Allan Kass illustrated. This copy was published by Signet in June 1975. Darcy wrote 2 earlier books for Dell: Cecily and Georgina, but these were not illustrated by Kass.

Victoire Duvenay is determined to shine in Regency London as she plans to teach a lesson of love to the Marquis of Tarn, a man who broke the heart of her cousin!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple as they relax in a drawing room. Our heroine is comfortable sitting on a window seat. She wears a gravity defying dress of gold and carries beautiful accessories of a fan and shawl. I really like her gold bracelets and pendant. Our hero holds a book as he looks on. It's a gorgeous cover and captures the feel of the time period!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Clare Darcy: Rolande

Rolande is next in our Clare Darcy lineup of Allan Kass illustrated books. This book was published by Signet in March 1979. Rolande is a story of a girl who is an actress who is hired to impersonate a lost heir. She falls into a lot of danger and realizes that she'd rather not impersonate this lost youth, but be herself and be loved by Jasper Carrington, who hired her!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple at a party. Our heroine is dressed as a female and wears a pretty combination of plum and silver. Our hero is wearing black formal wear and leans over the edge of the intricate bench that our heroine sits upon. Again, note Allan's detail in the background of the cover. You can click and enlarge the picture!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Clare Darcy: Regina

Regina was published by Signet in January 1978 for Clare Darcy. Regina is a widow who is trying to protect her niece from entering a ruinous marriage such as she was in. She steps in between her niece and Lord Wrexam to interesting conclusions!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple dancing in a ballroom. It's a pretty picture and both people seem pleased with one another. I like seeing the other people dancing in the background and the detail that Allan gives to the furnishings and dress. These are some of Allan's early regency covers and I hope that you enjoy them.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Clare Darcy: Lydia

Lydia is next in our lineup of books by Clare Darcy illustrated by Allan Kass! Signet published this book in September 1974. Lydia is an American who is planning on marrying for wealth and position all while she is trying to keep her grandmother from bankruptcy and her brother from making bad choices! During this time, she meets many suitors but can't keep Viscount Northover out of her mind!

Allan Kass shows our couple in an elegant sitting room. Our heroine wears a creamy beige gown that blends in with the decor. Our hero is handsome in black and besides the imposing fireplace, we see a picture of an officer on the wall! Sorry for the poor picture quality; my book looks as if it's been well read!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Clare Darcy: Letty

Letty was published in June 1981 for Clare Darcy by Signet. Letty runs away from an arranged marriage into the arms of Harry Tyne, who is a gentleman, but a gambler. He proposes to turn Letty into an enchantress and win a fortune, if he can only not fall in love with her, himself!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in an elegant room. Our heroine lounges on a sofa, her blue day dress blending in with the blue of the sofa. Our hero stand behind and looks older than I would imagine the hero of this story to be! I like the effect of her pearl necklace as its being off center helps pose our heroine as lounging!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Clare Darcy: Lady Pamela

Lady Pamela by Clare Darcy was published by Signet in January 1977. She is a unconventional lady that is creating havoc in Regency London! No one, not even her fiance, can tame her. When Lord Dalven arrives on the scene, Lady Pamela falls in love and the fun begins!

Allan Kass creates an elegant illustration to this book. Our couple stand in a room that contains interesting furniture and artifacts. Our heroine is conventionally dressed in a pink gown and carries a white shawl. Our hero is handsome in black. What is interesting to me is the statue in the niche on the wall and the elegant Wedgwood detailing on the wall. Allan does a superb job of creating a setting for our couples.