Saturday, September 19, 2009

Miranda Cameron: The Undaunted Bride

The Undaunted Bride is the last Allan Kass cover art done for Miranda Cameron. This book was published in March 1987 and is the story of Beatrice and Gareth, who start out their married life on a misunderstanding. Can getting to know one another create love for them?

Allan Kass illustrates an interesting cover. Our couple is center with the estate house and sky looming large behind them. Both are dressed in riding gear and in an interesting pose where she leans on his shoulder while he holds her from behind. This cover could almost be taken for a gothic romance!

This couple, like many during regency times, married for money or position, not love. This was not uncommon since people married to better themselves and their future offspring. Marrying for love was done, but became popular after the marriage of Queen Victoria.

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