Thursday, September 30, 2010

Caroline Farr: Castle of Terror

Castle of Terror by Caroline Farr was published by Signet in August 1975. Megan Wentworth arrives with her employer to Storm Haven, a castle owned by the mysterious Count Rienzi. Can Shane, her employers son, keep her safe in the castle of terror?

Allan Kass illustrates our heroine fleeing the castle. This cover is unique because our heroine is pictured smaller than usual, enough so that it's hard to see her features. The castle, trees, and rocks loom bigger that our heroine. I like her purple robe or coat over the pink gown. Hopefully she blends into the night!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Caroline Farr: A Castle in Canada

October 1972 is the publication date for A Castle in Canada, another gothic romance by Caroline Farr. Darleen Tracy visits the Montaigne family chateau in anticipation of seeing her fiance, Raoul, but he has vanished and his family, who will inherit if Raoul doesn't marry, is hateful.

Allan Kass illustrates a typical gothic cover with our heroine, in her nightdress, fleeing the dark mansion. What I really like about this cover is how Allan uses the woman's dress and hair as movement and motion. He's dead on in her pose and we feel her next move. The castle's reflection of itself in the water is creepy, too!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Caroline Farr: Brecon Castle

Brecon Castle is the first of many Caroline Farr gothic romances that Allan Kass illustrated. This title was published by Signet in October 1976.

Gillian Owen was hired to serve as nurse to David Brecon's young daughter, but quickly realized that the villagers were right and Brecon Castle harbored some kind of evil which threatened her and her young charge.

Allan Kass illustrates one of my favorite gothic covers here! I love the heroine: her dark flowing hair, her emerald green gown and wrap and her beautiful face! She blends into the shadowy scene of the castle and landscape as she walks along the stone wall near the water. I think it's one of Allan's best gothic covers and I hope you agree!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Elisabeth Fairchild: The Rakehell's Reform

The Rakehell's Reform is the last Elisabeth Fairchild book that I have illustrated by Allan Kass. She did write other regencies for Signet.

February 1997 is Signet's publication date. Selina Preston's father wanted his wealth to buy his daughter a noble husband. His choice, Jack Ramsey, had the worse of reputations and he was definitely not her first choice!!

Allan Kass paints a elegant cover for this book with our couple standing outside near a doorway surrounded by flowers. I love the hero's blue almost purple jacket because it goes so well with his red hair! The heroine is complimentary in green with purple trim and she holds a bunch of yellow roses. You can tell that they like and maybe even love each other!

Next blog will feature more of Allan's gothic romance covers!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Elisabeth Fairchild: Marriage a' la Mode

December 1997 was the publication of Marriage a' la Mode by Elisabeth Fairchild. Lord Hay hears Melody Bainbridge in a crowded London scene, and is intrigued by her laughter. However, she is in the process of being divorced from an abusive husband and is not looking for another relationship.

Allan Kass paints a calm scene with our couple feeding a deer that is in the park behind the mansion. Our hero carries the feed while the heroine feeds the deer. This would be one of Allan's last illustrations, but he still concentrates on the details like the garden and the animal. I'm not too sure about the heroine's red coat with her complexion, though!! Enjoy this bucolic cover!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Elisabeth Fairchild: The Love Knot

The Love Knot by Elisabeth Fairchild was published by Signet in November 1995. Aurora Ramsay is determined to catch Lord Walsh as a husband, so she asks Miles Fletcher to help her captivate him. Soon she learns that her teacher may be her true lover in fact!

This cover by Allan Kass shows our couple playing archery. I love the autumn outdoors and our heroine's warm green dress. They seem in a playful mood as she helps him with his aim! Note the temple in the background and another target full of arrows!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Elisabeth Fairchild: Lord Ramsay's Return

Lord Ramsay's Return is a March 1996 Signet publication by Elisabeth Fairchild. Miss Prudence Stanhope is in danger after meeting the enigmatic Lord Charles Ramsay, who has recently returned from India and is handsome and charming. Brighton is the setting for this story and is a beautiful seaside location in England known for the Prince Regent's Pavilion.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple among Oriental treasures. Our hero is dressed as we would consider typical Eastern costume with white shirt or tunic and a bright purple sash. Our heroine is pretty in a blue day dress. This cover pops because of the detail of the statue and ornate light behind the couple.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Elisabeth Fairchild: The Counterfeit Coachman

November 1994 saw the publication of The Counterfeit Coachman, a Signet Regency Romance by author Elisabeth Fairchild. This is the first of five books that Allan Kass illustrated for Fairchild.

Fanella Quinby needed to marry quickly and well, but after meeting Mr. Ford, a coachman, she wonders if it will be as easy as she thinks to marry a stranger!

Allan Kass creates a superb cover for this story! I love the up close portrait of our couple with the coach behind and the inn further behind! Our hero is handsome in his drab overcoat and our heroine is very smart in her blue traveling gown and accessories. Again, we see touches of detail: the man loading the coach, the heroine's lace trimmed cuffs and embellishment on her reticule. Even the lighting suggests a warm afternoon for traveling.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Rachelle Edwards:The Thieef of Hearts

The Thief of Hearts by Rachelle Edwards was published in 1973 by Fawcett, but I think this is a later copyright edition of around 1977/78.

In this last book by Edwards that I have illustrated by Kass, she tells the story of Sara Auden, a sensible girl who is held up by a dashing highwayman, who happens to visit her family as the Earl of Melford!!

Allan Kass creates a pretty cover for this book as our couple stand in a brick walled garden surrounded by foilage and a birdhouse with pretty white birds floating around it. Our couple stand in an embrace and their clothing mimic the colors of the outside. This is a tender moment that Allan captures on canvas and another great cover!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rachelle Edwards:The Smithfield Bargain

August 1981 saw the publication by Fawcett of Rachelle Edwards's book, The Smithfield Bargain. Annabel Haygarth is unjustly dismissed from her governess position and immediately becomes involved in a scheme with the daughter of the house to help her run away to be married. She then meets Lord Cranbourne and falls in love with her friend's fiance!

Allan Kass illustrates our Georgian couple in a dark forest. Our hero wears a tricorn hat decorated with a red cockade and a red overcoat over his red dress coat. Our heroine is young and pretty in her pink dress and purple cloak. Her long, unbound hair gives her the illusion of youth. I like the lace details, which was common in the dress of that period. It's a dramatic scene of confronting a villain and another melodramatic book that falls under the Coventry regency line!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Rachelle Edwards: Miranda's Folly

Miranda's Folly by Rachelle Edwards is a 1978 publication from Fawcett. Miranda runs away from home dressed as a boy, only to be discovered in that disguise by Lord Dornford, who decides that this may be the woman for him!

Allan Kass shows our couple sitting on the edge of a pool in a very pretty avenue. Our heroine is wearing a blue overdress slashed with olive and decorated with pearls while our hero wears what looks like 18th century shorts with hose underneath! Probably they are knee britches, but I guess they would look shorter when sitting! His long hair in is a queue tied with a ribbon. It's a pretty scene and one that I hope you enjoy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rachelle Edwards: Lord Heathbury's Revenge

Lord Heathbury's Revenge was published by Fawcett in July 1980 for their Coventry Regency Romance line, which ran from 1979-1982. These were clean, slightly melodramatic, fun, and easy reads to while away an afternoon!

Lavinia Merridew is a young, foolish girl who mocks a man she hasn't even met, until she finds herself falling in love with him and he decides to take revenge against her!

Allan Kass illustrates a scene from the story of two men duelling. Our heroine is trying to stop the duel. She wears a long red cape and bright pink dress underneath. Both men stand in their shirtsleeves and looks like, which denotes relationship in this book. The carriage and horses are in shadow.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rachelle Edwards: Fortune's Child

November 1981 saw the publication by Fawcett of Rachelle Edward's Fortune's Child. This is a story about a couple who were engaged 9 years ago. Can Lord Rossington convince Louisa Farnham that she is his perfect match?

Allan Kass illustrates our couple standing at the bottom of a stairwell. Our hero is dressed for riding in his red coat and visible crop. Our heroine is pretty in a blue day dress. She fiddles with a gold locket as she looks at the hero. This is one of Kass's earlier illustrations and typical of those he did during this time. Click on the picture to enlarge.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rachelle Edwards: Devil's Bride

Devil's Bride by Rachelle Edwards is the first book by this author illustrated by Allan Kass. Fawcett published this book in 1976. Auriol Stanford is promised in marriage to the Duke of Hampden, but she loves another and plans a runaway match. The duke intercepts the couple and ends up with his betrothed.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in an embrace while standing in a bedroom. Our heroine is pretty with her long red hair and our hero has a sardonic look to him! Someone was writing a letter and we notice details like the candle's smoking, as if just blown out. Enjoy!