Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mary Linn Roby: And Die Remembering

Mary Linn Roby book, And Die Remembering, is a gothic romance published in June 1972 by Signet. This author wrote under other names and published regencies and gothics under this name.

Claudia came to visit an old college friend, but soon finds the mansion scary as a domestic drama escalates into hatred and murder.

Allan Kass creates a sufficiently spooky cover with our heroine arms up against the danger while we note a dark mansion in the background. This is the first of nine gothic books by this author illustrated by Kass.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Madeleine Robins: Althea

Althea was published by Fawcett in 1977. Madeleine Robins wrote a few other stories for Fawcett but this one is about Althea who is excited to experience her first London season and to fall in love with Edward Pendarly until Sir Tracy Calendar comes into her life!

Allan Kass gives us a picture of our couple sitting in a curricle about to go on a ride. It's a fine day and our heroine is pretty in a golden gown while the hero wears a red jacket. It looks like the beginning of a romance!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Frank Robertson: Wanted: Dead or Alive

Wanted: Dead or Alive was published by Signet with no definite publication date. Robertson writes a story about Josh Randall, who is hunting down kidnappers and murderers.

This is another rare Western illustrated by Allan Kass. What's interesting about this cover is the lack of any detail except the hero. Kass shows us a cowboy in typical western clothing carrying a gun. Our hero is weather beaten, but handsome in a rugged way. Note Kass's signature near the leg.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Janet Louise Roberts: The Dornstein Icon

Avon books gives us a Gothic romance by Janet Louise Roberts. Published in June 1973, it is the story of Caroline, an art expert who travels to Austria to help Rudolf von Dornstein determine if his icon is valuable.

Allan Kass illustrated about 30-40 gothic romances and they are fun to see, though he didn't do much work for Avon, as far as I know. This book has our heroine running down the hallway of a stone building. I like the detail in the stained glass window along with the archway. Note Allan's signature gold jewelry on this heroine! Enjoy!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Evelyn Richardson: The Willful Widow

The Willful Widow by Evelyn Richardson was published in January 1994. Diana Hatherill was a widow who had no desire to remarry and none tempted her until Lord Justin St Clair burst onto the scene with the intention to seduce her!

Allan Kass shows our couple at a masquerade and it's fun to see the different costumes and their detail. Our hero's costume seems a bit risque and the heroine's pretty. I really like the Elizabethan lady in the background. Masquerades were not unusual and sometimes people just wore a long cloak, or domino, over their evening clothes along with a mask.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Evelyn Richardson: My Wayward Lady

My Wayward Lady was published in August 1997 by Signet and is the story of Harriet Fareham who was determined to help a girl she knows who works in a brothel even at the peril of her own engagement.

Allan Kass creates a country setting for this cover with our couple on horseback. They ride in a grassy area near a stream and seem to be enjoying themselves as they talk together. Allan not only is correct in his depictions of people but also of animals. I appreciate how he draws to scale so that both look natural.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Evelyn Richardson: The Reluctant Heiress

The Reluctant Heiress by Evelyn Richardson was published in May 1996 and is the story of Lady Sarah Melford who became an heiress and now had a lot of masculine attention and had to weed out the fortune hunters in order to find true love.

Allan Kass gives us a sweet cover of our couple. I like that the hero has a genuine smile on his face as he looks at the heroine. She has been writing as evidenced by the quill feathers and paper on the desk behind. It's a charming picture which shows the love between them.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Evelyn Richardson: Miss Cresswell's London Triumph

October 1990 is the publication date of Miss Cresswell's London Triumph by author Evelyn Richardson. She wrote other books for Signet under this series.

Cassandra Cresswell was content to be a bluestocking until the beautiful Miss Taylor stole away the one man she loved.

Allan Kass shows our couple at a ball where they are stealing a moment away from the gaiety. They could almost be dancing. I like the contrast of her pink gown with the black and gray of the hero. Notice Allan's unusual signature in the base of the figurine behind them.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Evelyn Richardson: Lady Alex's Gamble

Lady Alex's Gamble by Evelyn Richardson was published by Signet in February 1995. A gambler was taking the ton by storm but no one guessed that this was Alexandra de Montmorency in disguise trying to save her family's inheritance until Lord Wrotham got too close for comfort!

Allan Kass brings us back to the regency with this cover! He illustrates our couple in an embrace and our heroine is very feminine in a purple riding habit with her hat discarded behind. The hero is in dark green, which is a color Kass doesn't use much but makes his coat and waistcoat stand out. This room seems like a 1800's version of a man cave with a comfortable couch and deer head trophy on the wall.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Patricia Rice: Mad Maria's Daughter

Patricia Rice is a well known historical author and she wrote a few books for Signet. Mad Maria's Daughter was published in April 1992. Daphne Templeton encounters a highwayman on her way to her aunt's house that keeps her from accepting any other offer of marriage!

Allan Kass illustrates an interesting scene here with our hero highwayman holding up the carriage where we assume the heroine had been traveling inside! Her coat of blue is exquisite and her bonnet is a perfect match. We get a glimpse of a peach dress underneath. The hero is casually dressed and brandishes a long pistol. Note the detail of the carriage, horses, and driver behind.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Elizabeth Renier: The Moving Dream

The Moving Dream by Elizabeth Renier was published by Fawcett in 1977. Veronica Danby was a young widow and not looking to remarry until she met Adrian Fullerton, a childhood friend whose heart is heavy with the memory of a lost love.

Allan Kass gives us an action pose for this cover. We see the hero rescuing the heroine from an overturned carriage. He carries her from the accident and her hair and skirts give us the feel of motion and movement. Again Kass uses autumnal colors for the clothing and landscape.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Elizabeth Renier: Landscape of the Heart

Landscape of the Heart by Elizabeth Renier was published by Fawcett in 1978. Jennifer Haslam went home to Dartmoor after 2 years in London to find a lot of changes but the biggest being the new American who inherited and enclosed a lot of the moor land. How could she be attracted to someone who stood against everything she believed in? Renier wrote other books but has only one other illustrated by Kass.

Allan Kass illustrates our couple while out riding. Our heroine wears a simple, yet elegant green riding habit while our hero is autumnal in brown. I like her white blouse sleeves protruding from her habit's sleeves. They seem enchanted with each other and we hope for a happy ending.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Claire Rayner: Bedford Row

Switching gears, we come to Claire Rayner's Bedford Row. Published by Signet in August 1979, it is the story of Martha Lackland who left England for the Crimea and worked with the camp followers of the army and how she found love in that war torn land.

Allan Kass created a few Victorian covers and they are always a treat to view. I especially like this one because it is bright and cheery with our couple standing near a park. The heroine's ornate blue gown is edged with lace and tiers most becomingly. Her hair is swept close to her head and she carries a straw hat. The hero is plainly dressed in black but also elegant. It's almost as if he's telling her not to go away.

Friday, December 6, 2013

William MacLeod Raine: Sons of the Saddle

Sons of the Saddle by William MacLeod Raine was published by Signet around 1980. This is a reprint about Gord Stone who was gunning for the cattle king who had framed him.

This is my favorite western cover by Allan Kass. The colors are simply gorgeous as we see the hero descending the mountain on his white horse. I like how Allan uses the whole cover as a frame for the cowboy with the distant mountains and the nearby creek. I just wish my copy was in better shape. Click to enlarge.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

William MacLeod Raine: The Six-Gun Kid

William MacLeod Raine's The Six-Gun Kid was published by Signet around 1980. It's a reprint from 1952 about Randy Sloan whose feud with land hungry Anse Cottrell turned into all out vengeance.

Allan Kass shows our hero as determined as he stands on a cliff edge with his guns. Note his signature under the hero's foot. Though not as detailed as his regency covers, note the tree behind him and the greenery as well as the rock formations. Allan really enjoyed creating these covers of a land that he loved.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

William MacLeod Raine: Powdersmoke Feud and Clattering Hoofs

Next up in our line of Allan Kass covers is a double story by William MacLeod Raine, a western author. Signet published this book in February 1980. Powdersmoke Feud is about a man on the run and Clattering Hoofs is about a man wrongly accused of murder.

Allan Kass illustrated both photos. He told me in a letter that he was surprised not to have more western covers since he lived in Montana! Powdersmoke Feud shows the hero alone against the elements. It's a calm, quiet cover while Clattering Hoofs shows a group of cowboys riding to possibly find our hero. We can almost see the horses moving and stirring up dust. Kass did a few westerns, so it's a treat to find them. If you know of others, please leave a comment.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mary Jo Putney: The Would-Be Widow

July 1988 is the publication date for The Would-Be Widow by Mary Jo Putney. Jocelyn Kendal needed to marry in order not to lose a legacy, but when the duke she loved wouldn't marry, she struck a bargain with a dying man. This book by Putney is a prequel to The Controversial Countess.

Allan Kass creates a elegant lady and dashing military hero for the cover of this book. She has a pensive look as she arranges the flowers and he seems to be reassuring her. Note the line of miniatures paintings behind them which are probably family members.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Mary Jo Putney: The Rogue and the Runaway

The Rogue and the Runaway was published by Signet in July 1990 for author Mary Jo Putney. Maxima Collins, an American, was unused to the rigid rules of London and ran away from it all--straight into the arms of Lord Robert Andreville! This book has characters from A Controversial Countess.

Allan Kass gives us a heroine who we know at first glance doesn't fit into regency society by her Indian looking looks, dark straight hair, and turquoise jewelry. The hero is as opposite her as can be and Kass gives us that difference subtly while showing them standing in a library of a great house.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Mary Jo Putney: The Controversial Countess

The Controversial Countess was published by Signet in January 1989. Mary Jo Putney writes a story about Countess Magda Janos who is the toast of Paris but compelled by the Duke of Candover to pretend to be his mistress in a game of intrigue.

Allan Kass illustrates a romantic cover of our couple. She looks as if she's about to move away from him and not quite sure of his motives. The hero is silently strong as he detains the heroine. There is a definite air of mystery in this portrait.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mary Jo Putney: Carousel of Hearts

Carousel of Hearts by Mary Jo Putney was published by Signet in November 1989. This story sounds like a couples mixup with two couples who almost end up with the wrong partners! Mary Jo Putney began her career writing Signet regencies but now is well known for her historical romances.

Allan Kass's cover is elegant. We see a handsome gentleman escorting two beautiful ladies on a walk. Our ladies wear summery day dresses and seem to be enjoying his company. We wonder which of the ladies is his favorite!

Friday, November 29, 2013

Eileen Putman: The Dastardly Duke

January 1998 is the publication date of Eileen Putman's The Dastardly Duke. She wrote a few other regencies for Signet. This story is a "My Fair Lady" story with our duke wagering that he could turn any female into a lady of the ton! When he is introduced to Hannah Gregory, he wonders if his heart will become forfeit!

Allan Kass illustrates one of his last covers here but a delightful one. I like the heroine's simple blue gown. Even at age 80, Kass gets the details correct as we see a country cottage set in a sylvan landscape. Note the thatched roof on the cottage and the grass growing between the slabs of cement.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Carol Proctor: An Unlikely Guardian

March 1990 is the publication date for Carol Proctor's An Unlikely Guardian. Rakish Evelyn Lovelace, Earl of Sinamor is the guardian of young Philipa Raithby. Society waited with bated breath to see what would happen to this innocent under this scandalous rake's care! Proctor wrote a few other books under this line.

This is a gorgeous cover by Allan Kass! The heroine is simply beautiful and our hero handsome and rakish! I love her sapphire and pearl jewelry that she wears as ornament to her evening dress. We catch them in the act of leaving for an evening's ball.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Carol Proctor: A Dashing Widow

A Dashing Widow is the first of two books by Carol Proctor. Published by Signet in September 1991, it's the story of Annis Burham, a young, rich widow who has many men dangling about her. But she has a secret that she didn't want society to know.

Allan Kass creates a cover set in a ballroom for this book. It's always interesting to me when he does a scene with other people besides the hero and heroine because it's fun to compare the dress and facial features of the others. In this cover, our couple are prominent, elegant, and handsome. What catches my eye is the heroine's intricate hairdo. Click to enlarge.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Margaret Evans Porter: Toast of the Town

Toast of the Town was published by Signet in April 1993 and is the last of our books by author Margaret Evans Porter. She wrote others for Signet.

Trevor Cotterell, the Earl of Leafield, has chosen Flora Campion to be his latest mistress. Soon, he learns that she plays her own game of love and that they both may lose!

Allan Kass shows our heroine behind the stage in her costume. The hero has just given her flowers and we get a glimpse of the audience behind. The hero seems captivated by this dark beauty!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Margaret Evans Porter: Sweet Lavender

Sweet Lavender was published in August 1993 by Signet. Margaret Evans Porter tells a story about Beryl Kinnard, the youngest of a large family who is tempted by the Marquis of Elston even though she has vowed to wed the absent Peter Yeates!

Allan Kass gives us a musical cover for this book. Our heroine is seated at a harpsichord and our hero holds a violin. We assume that they have just played a duet. Music would have been an important accomplishment and always performed live in those days before the record and phonograph. Note the detail on the instrument itself and the features of the room.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Margaret Evans Porter: Road to Ruin

Road to Ruin by Margaret Evans Porter was published by Signet in December 1992. Nerissa Newby is fleeing an engagement when she meets up with the shocking Baron Blythe and impulsively agrees to help him in a masquerade!

Allan Kass shows our couple in a bedchamber where we guess from the cover that they aren't married. I like that the heroine is closer and in more detail than the hero, who gazes at her as they discuss their situation. The loud design of the bedspread is a nice touch and give a glimpse of color to the illustration.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Darryl Ponicsan: The Last Detail

Darryl Ponicsan's The Last Detail was published by Signet in July 1971 and is the story of 3 sailors and their 2 guards who are escorting them to prison. They make every kind of detour that ends in disaster.

Allan Kass creates a unique and unusual (for him) cover of a sailor and two of his guards. It's shadowy and stark. I like that it feels like a moment someone might glimpse if they walked by them. Definitely a different feel for a Kass cover than what he usually produced.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jean Plaidy: The Spanish Bridegroom

Last in our Jean Plaidy historical series is The Spanish Bridegroom, published in August 1972. It is the story of Philip II of Spain and the loves of his life. Jean Plaidy went on to write many other historical books about the kings and queens of England, France, and Spain.

Allan Kass shows us a handsome man, dressed in armor, while the lady next to him is elegantly gowned and jeweled. We see a softer side of Philip while the fanatics behind him speak of a harsh and determined ruler.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jean Plaidy: Murder Most Royal

Murder Most Royal was published in May 1973 by Berkley for Jean Plaidy and is the story of Henry the Eighth and Anne Boleyn and her cousin Catherine Howard, both wives of this king.

Allan Kass gives us a accurate portrait of Henry and also illustrates both women this book is about. I like the detail that he puts into their garments and jewels. Note the King's castle in the background.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jean Plaidy: Gay Lord Robert

October 1972 is the publication date of Berkley's edition of Gay Lord Robert by famous historical author Jean Plaidy, whose real name was Eleanor Hibbert and who also wrote under the pen names Victoria Holt and Philippa Carr. This is the story of Robert Dudley and the Princess Elizabeth who were in love but her throne and his wife stood in their way.

Allan Kass gives us a glimpse of his ability in the next few books by showing us that he can illustrate a moment in history accurately. He gives us a scene with our hero and heroine but also shows a battle in the background. It's an intricately detailed cover.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Margaret Pemberton: Shadows over Silver Sands

Margaret Pemberton's Shadow over Silver Sands is a gothic romance published by Berkley in April 1976. Sally crosses the Atlantic after she hears about her friend's mysterious death. Who was responsible: handsome Pete Mackay or Jeff Roberts?

Allan Kass shows our couple near the ruins of an old church and cemetery. I like Allan's older contemporary covers because he creates clothing that would be worn nowadays. This couple could be on the cover of a book this year! While noting all of the gothic influences, I like that the hero is protecting the heroine and holding her in a close embrace!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Rose Palmer: One Solitary Twilight

August 1971 is the publication date for Rose Palmer's One Solitary Twilight. This is a Signet contemporary mystery novel about a girl named Polly who use an astrologer to find the murderer of a tenant in Polly's building.

This is an unusual cover for Allan Kass but typical of mysteries and gothics of that date. He gives us a combined illustration of our heroine, the apartment building and the moon. A few other earlier works of his have this same design.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Patricia Oliver: Miss Drayton's Downfall

Last for Patricia Oliver is Miss Drayton's Downfall. She wrote other regencies for Signet, too. This novel was published in March 1994 and is the story of Cassandra Drayton, a vicar's daughter who received a proposal from the Earl of Mansfield. She weds him with an assumption that he could never love her but finds out that is incorrect!

This cover by Allan Kass shows our heroine receiving a gift from the hero. She holds the cape to her face while he looks on. It looks like a surprise gift and Allan captures her delight in the gift as she looks at her reflection.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Patricia Oliver: Lord Harry's Angel

Lord Harry's Angel was published by Signet in April 1993. Patricia Oliver writes a story about Angela Walter, who married Harry Davenport at the command of her wealthy father. What started out as a marriage of convenience turned into intrigues and jealousy.

Allan Kass illustrates this cover with an action picture of our couple riding on horseback. Our heroine is bright in a red habit which is stunning against her hair and black horse while the hero is greeting her. The pagoda in the background suggest that this is possibly a private estate park. Note the folds in the clothing: it's another example of Allan's talent.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Patricia Oliver: Lord Gresham's Lady

Lord Gresham's Lady was published by Signet in November 1994 and is Patricia Oliver's story about Sarah Stanton who is a young widow being pushed into a repulsive second marriage. Her only salvation lay in Lord Gresham, who wasn't interested in marriage. At all.

Allan Kass portrays our elegant couple in a box at the opera! I love her dark green gown and matching jewels, especially her tiara, which Kass doesn't usually give his heroines. Note her matching fur lined cape! The hero is dashing in his sedate black tie and definitely attentive towards our heroine. It looks like a night of magic!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Patricia Oliver: Double Deception

Double Deception by Patricia Oliver was published by Signet in August 1997. Athena Standish was a penniless widow with a daughter to raise and was about to accept rich Peregrine Steele's proposal until his father, the Earl of St Aubyn interfered, thinking her a fortune hunter. Patricia Oliver wrote other regency romances for Signet.

Allan Kass shows our couple in a bucolic setting with them boating on a small lake and enjoying the scenery. I like that both are casually dressed and wish we didn't have the big title banner so that we could see the rest of the cover.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Irene Northan: Phyllida

Back to Georgian England with Irene Northan's Phyllida, published by Fawcett in 1976. Phyllida is determined to marry her handsome lieutenant instead of the steady, reliable neighbor.

I like this cover by Allan Kass because the hero is more glorious than the heroine! He is resplendent in his uniform and Kass gets the details correct. Our heroine is almost plain in comparison with her low cut green gown with white underdress. It's interesting that her hair is left down, too. No jewelry or ornaments. The scene looks like a favorite of the heroine, too.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Edwina Noone: Daughter of Darkness

Daughter of Darkness by Edwina Noone was published by Signet in October 1966 but this edition is from the early 1970's. Amanda is hired as companion to a young lady and falls in love with the brooding master of Welesly, Sir Percy Stafford, her charge's father!

Allan Kass's gothic romances are always a treat. In this cover, we see our heroine fleeing the haunted castle. I like Allan's touch of her jewelry and cloak, which are similar to his regency covers. Her laced nightdress is risque, though!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Erika Nau: Angel in the Rigging

Erika Nau's Angel in the Rigging was published by Berkley in February 1976. Lucy is second in command of a pirate ship during the turbulent years before and after the War of 1812. She meets and eventually marries David Armstrong, the love of her life!

Allan Kass gives us a very compelling illustration of our lovely heroine watching a battle while hanging on to the rigging of the title. Even though this takes place during Regency times, she is anti regency in her dress and existence. I love the sweep of her long hair as she gazes fearlessly on the other ships and her earrings which are her only feminine adornment. Enjoy this unusual cover by Kass.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Roseleen Milne: Borrowed Plumes

July 1978 is the publication date of Roseleen Milne's book, Borrowed Plumes. As far as I know, it's the only book she wrote. Constance Osbourne adored Noel Musgrave but hated the Earl of Chievely because he threatened to seize her beloved estate. She didn't suspect that they were one and the same!!

This cover is a favorite of mine by Allan Kass. In his typical style, he portrays our couple walking with a pretty fountain and beautiful tree showing its fall colors nearby. Our heroine wears a simple but elegant yellow gown while the hero is seasonal in hunter green. It looks like the last of the warm autumn days.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Anita Mills: Scandal Bound

Scandal Bound was published in June 1986 by Signet and is Anita Mills' first book. Ellen Marling escapes her wedding night by jumping into the arms of the Marquess of Trent and he helps her run away!

While this book feels like one long adventure, Allan Kass shows our couple in a quiet and contemplative pose. I like how we see their intimacy as the hero cuddles our heroine and reassures her. Take a moment and click to enlarge the photo to see all of the detail which Allan is famous in his illustrations.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Anita Mills: Newmarket Match

Newmarket Match is next in our Signet series. It was published in October 1989 and Anita Mills tells a story about Harriet Rowe, who becomes a partner with Lord Richard Stanton by jointly owning a racehorse.

Allan Kass shows our couple outside a country estate where two horses roam the land. While the hero wears hunting pink, the heroine is dressed in a pretty spring dress with matching straw bonnet. I like the combination of purple and green that Allan uses. Note the heavy gold necklace; Allan frequently adds gold jewelry to our heroines!
It's a pretty, eye catching picture!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Anita Mills: Miss Gordon's Mistake

Miss Gordon's Mistake was published by Signet in March 1991 for author Anita Mills. It is the story of Kitty Gordon who assumes the worse about Lord Haverhill so that he must needs live up to her expectations!

This is a rural cover by Allan Kass. He places our couple near a small stream with a slight waterfall. Our heroine has been picking flowers and we assume that the hero has joined her there. I like all of the colors and how they are both a bit more casual than a normal Kass cover!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Anita Mills: Duel of Hearts

Duel of Hearts was published by Signet in December 1988. Anita Mills writes a story about Leah Cole, whose wealthy but common father wants an aristocratic title for his daughter. Anthony Barsett, Viscount Lyndon proposes but Leah is loathe to marry without love.

This cover shows our couple standing outside the door of a fashionable house. I like that we get a lot of detail with our hero and heroine. She is elegant in light purple while our hero is dashing in maroon. They seem to be quietly in love. Too bad that the award circle is over her gown.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Anita Mills: Devil's Match

Devil's Match by Anita Mills is the first of five books that Allan Kass illustrated for her. She now writes historical fiction. Published in November 1987, it's the story of Caroline Ashley who accepted a bold proposal by Devil Danvers in order for him to win a wager!

I love these earlier covers by Allan Kass. He seats our couple on a settee and they share a quiet but intimate moment. I like her simple but elegant yellow gown while our hero is dressed for dinner. Our heroine has short curly hair, which was daring and unusual for the day.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Nadine Miller: The Misguided Matchmaker

The Misguided Matchmaker was published in May 1997 for Signet's Regency Romance line. Madelaine Harcourt's father chose her future husband and she was happy until she met his half brother, the handsome and dangerous Tristan Rand!

Allan Kass didn't illustrate too many seafaring covers, so each one is very interesting and different. Our heroine's bonnet is about to blow away and the hero is nearby to help her save it from the water! He is dressed like a sailor. Note the choppy waves and the detail in the lengths of rope.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nadine Miller: The Madcap Masquerade

The Madcap Masquerade is next in our Signet series from author Nadine Miller. This story, published in August 1998, makes it one of Allan Kass's last illustrations. It's the story of Maeve Barrington who takes the place of her twin at the estate of her betrothed, the Earl of Lynley, but his idea of making a marriage of convenience soon disappear with her arrival!

It's hard to believe that Allan Kass was 80 when he created this cover! We still see detail and precision that embodied his earlier covers. I like this scene where our heroine seems shy while the hero isn't afraid to show his affection in the ballroom! Her emerald green gown sets off her red hair to perfection!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Nadine Miller: The Gypsy Duchess

The Gypsy Duchess was published in September 1996 by Signet for author Nadine Miller. She wrote other books for Signet but 4 were illustrated by Allan Kass.

Moira, the widowed Duchess of Sheffield, must work with the Earl of Langley since he is now guardian of her young son but the Earl hates her because his brother went off to war when she married another and was killed.

Allan Kass depicts our couple outside on a cold day. Both are dressed heavily but hatless. We wonder if they are traveling together or has the heroine arrived for a visit? I love her purple coat which we've seen in a few other Kass illustrations!!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nadine Miller: The Duke's Dilemma

Nadine Miller's The Duke's Dilemma was published by Signet in February 1996. Emily Haliburton's cousin, the beautiful Lucinda, has caught the eye of the Duke of Montford as he is seeking a wife. When the two girls visit his estate, he notices Emily and a kiss begins a comedy of manners that will end up in marriage.

Allan Kass shows our couple kissing while outside in a storm. Our hero is casually dressed and may have run to get the heroine out of the approaching storm. I like her jaunty hat which compliments her gown of raspberry. I also wonder if the lightning is a subtle nod to their passion?

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Freda Michel: Quest for Lord Quayle

Quest for Lord Quayle by Freda Michel was published by Fawcett in October 1979. Marianne Holroyd's fiance was murdered as they approached the church door to be wed and she swore vengeance on the man who committed the deed.

Allan Kass depicts the actual moment of the murder and it's interesting to see his view of the masked man approaching the groom and the heroine's look of fear. There is nothing prettier than a bride and ours is elegant in her full gown of white satin and lace. The groom is suitably bridal and the masked stranger menacing. I like that we can see inside the church to its stained glass windows. Note the gargoyle above the doorway!