Thursday, March 31, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Royal Snuff Box

The Royal Snuff Box, by Barbara Hazard, was published by Signet in March 1987. Lady Julia Reynolds was a beautiful widow who burst onto London society and captured the interest of some of the most renown men in society, even the Prince, himself! After a disastrous first marriage, how does she chose wisely a second time?

Allan Kass shows our couple sitting in a comfortable library. Our heroine wears a simple evening gown that is adorned with diamonds! Our hero is rugged and dressed for evening. I like the contrast of their formal clothing with the coziness of the room.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Barbara Hazard: Mad Masquerade

Next in the group by Barbara Hazard is Mad Masquerade, published by Signet in April 1985. Lady Laura Lockridge is forced to masquerade as the wife of Lord Vare as they travel through Italy even though neither one plans to marry soon, much less each other. It's a battle of self control as they match wits against bandits and each other!

Allan Kass illustrates our couple in a romantic lake setting. We see a gazebo in the distance and a comfortable concrete bench behind where one can sit and dream. Our heroine is pretty in her lilac gown and gold jewelry, which is a Kass signature. Our hero holds her from behind which seems to be one of Kass's favorite poses. I like the use of the greens and blues to create a calm scene, which seems out of place with the title of the book!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Barbara Hazard: Lady at Risk

Lady at Risk was published by Signet for Barbara Hazard in February 1997. Sarah Eaton inherits a legacy from her grandfather which makes her a very wealthy heiress. Soon she is besieged by suitors and wading through the world of romance is a risky future, indeed!

Allan Kass shows our couple on a flower strewn garden. Our hero embraces the heroine, who wears a white day dress and a simple bun hairdo. Our hero is fancier with his yellow waistcoat and maroon jacket. I like the concrete wall of the garden which is ornamental in style and pretty with ivy and climbing flowers. It's a romantic cover and very pretty.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Enchanting Stranger

October 1984 is the publication date for The Enchanting Stranger by Barbara Hazard. Lady Patricia marries a wealthy man whose only aim is to be accepted into society. When they meet Viscount Reading, her husband proposes a most shocking idea to elevate them into London society!

Allan Kass creates a beautiful cover for this book! I like all of the shades of purple that our couple wears. We see a Spring setting with flowers blooming and the sun shining. Our couple stand in a garden and share a tender moment together, looking like they fit into the foliage.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Emerald Duchess

The Emerald Duchess by Barbara Hazard is next in the lineup and was published by Signet in January 1985. Emily Wyndham is penniless and hopeless after her mother, a scandalous woman, dies. She becomes a lady's maid and then falls in love with one of the highest men in the land!

Allan Kass creates a stunning picture of our couple for this book! They are flawlessly portrayed together as they stand in a room. The heroine holds a paper which she is either giving or hiding from the hero. I love her emerald green gown and necklace which set off her blonde coloring. Everything about this cover is elegant. Click to enlarge.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Dreadful Duke

Barbara Hazard's, The Dreadful Duke, was published by Signet in November 1985. Lady Juliet Manchester is in her 30's and unmarried, but is concerned about the Duke of Severn's 13 year old twin girls, who are motherless. She is not interested in becoming his wife, but the girls really need a mother!

Allan Kass poses our couple at the edge of an ornamental lake. It's an interesting pose since we see little of the hero since the heroine hides him from view. She is the focus of the cover and pretty in a simple day dress embellished with lace. I like how she leans into him!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Disobedient Daughter

The Disobedient Daughter by Barbara Hazard was published by Signet in June 1982. Janet Lambert is the youngest daughter of a very proper family! Her mother is pressuring her to marry a wealthy, but dull, suitor but she is interested in her music rather than settling with a country Lord.

Allan Kass paints a pretty picture of our couple in front of a harpsichord. Our heroine is dark and wears a very elegant purple gown with a darker embroidered shawl. She embraces the hero who is in evening dress. The detail on the cover of the harpsichord is amazing, but doesn't detract from the couple.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Cloisonne Locket

Barbara Hazard is our next author with 13 books illustrated by Allan Kass. Our first is The Cloisonne Locket and Signet published this book in November 1986.

The Duke of Rutland is convinced that Rosemary Barton is a fortune and title hunter, so he's planning on exposing her!

Allan Kass shows our couple in an elegant room. Our heroine wears the locket of the title connected with pearls. Her gown is richly embellished and she carries a pretty fan. I like the chair in the background that looks like it was covered with needlework.

Barbara Hazard is a regency author who now writes historical romance novels.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Molly Costain Haycraft: Too Near the Throne

Last by Molly C. Haycraft is Too Near the Throne. Signet published this story in June 1974. Arabella Stuart was in love with the Earl of Essex and had her cousin, Queen Elizabeth, as a rival!! Can she play this dangerous game?

I think this is my favorite cover Allan Kass did for Haycraft's books. Our couple are situated in front of a royal standard.We see the heroine, very Kass-like in facial features, holding a diary. The only downside to this cover is the couple isn't full length. Our hero also has a Kass-like masculine look and wears a ruff around his neck over his doublet and hose.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Molly Costain Haycraft: The Reluctant Queen

Next from Molly Costain Haycraft is The Reluctant Queen. Published by Signet in September 1974, it is the story of King Henry the Eighth's sister, Mary Tudor, and her love for Charles Brandon. A great recent show to watch this story is The Tudors!

This cover by Allan Kass seems less detailed than the others. His lady looks historically Tudor with her facial features and and elaborate headdress. Our hero is handsome in his regal robes. Note the full, heavy sleeves on the robe and shirt! Her gown has layers and a heavy shawl for the cold rooms of the castle. The blue background is mysterious and historical feeling.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Molly Costain Haycraft: The Lord Brother The Lionheart

My Lord Brother The Lionheart was published by Signet in December 1974 for Molly Costain Haycraft. Princess Joan of England is back after her husband, the King of Sicily's, death and will not be remarried by her brother, the king. She hopes for a true love of her own choice!

Allan Kass shows our couple standing in a castle doorway. Our heroine is regal and very elegant as a falcon sits on her forearm. I like her crown and jewels, which set off her simple red gown. The knight behind her waits with her horse and is obviously one of the important guards. It's a different style for Allan and he nails it!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Molly Costain Haycraft: The Lady Royal

The Lady Royal by Molly Costain Haycraft was published by Signet in November 1974. Isabel, the daughter of King Edward III, was twice betrothed, but still not married. She is disappointed at the lies being whispered throughout the country and vows to marry only for love!

Allan Kass creates a vivid picture of medieval life on this cover. We see our hero and heroine with a cameo behind them of the hero in battle. I can see the fashion evidence of the 1970's in the heroine's robe and jewels! It's an interesting and different cover for Allan and I'm glad to have them!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Molly Costain Haycraft: The King's Daughters

The King's Daughters by Molly Costain Haycraft was published by Signet in January 1975. This is a romance set in medieval times and is the story of Elizabeth, King Edward I's daughter, who is promised to the Earl of Holland, but is in love with the Earl of Hereford! Will she fulfill her duty or defy her country for love?

This is an interesting departure for Allan Kass, as it is one of his earlier works and a book cover done in another time period. He will do 4 more books for Haycraft, which we will see later this week. I like the cameo effect of this with our couple featured outside with the castle, representing duty, in the background. Allan has drawn our couple as young, in love, and stealing a passionate moment together.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Leigh Haskell: The Vengeful Viscount

Leigh Haskell's book, The Vengeful Viscount, was published by Signet in November 1990. Felicity Bellwood was a beauty enjoying all that the London season had to offer, but she was not ready to get married! Her favorite beau, Justin Havilland, was also of the same mind. As they spend time together, they seem to be perfect for one another except that he is recovering from the death of his wife and feels a failure as a husband.

Allan Kass creates a brilliant picture here of our couple dancing at a ball. The colors in their clothing are rich and bold! Our heroine wears an exquisite hairpiece that compliments her decorated gown while our hero is dashing in purple and gold! I like the background of the ballroom with its long windows and gilt ceiling. Click to enlarge!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Above is a link if you wish to purchase original art by Allan Kass. Link is listed with the permission of the website owner and the estate of Allan Kass.

Leigh Haskell: The Paragon Bride

Author Leigh Haskell pens two Signet Regency Romances and Allan Kass illustrated both. This copy is from October 1989. Emmaline Hazlett is the guest of the Dowager Countess Langdon and is excited to become engaged to her heir until the mysterious Nicolas Ransom is determined to become a wedge in the relationship!

Allan Kass shows our couple standing outside near a fountain in a garden. Our heroine echoes the flowers in her gown of pink and is trying to keep the hero from talking! Our hero is Kass-handsome and obviously in love with her! The walled garden looks like a nice place to sit and read on a summery day!