Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Turnabout Twins

The Turnabout Twins was published by Signet for author Barbara Hazard in May 1986. Ladies Amelia and Anne Fairhaven share a lot, including an attraction to the same young suitor! Can they both find love and happiness?

Allan Kass creates a great cover with our couples all together. The ladies are dressed identically while the heroes seem to be paying court to the lady standing. It's amazing how much detail Allan puts into this with each person standing differently, not to mention trying to create identical people! Even the marble topped table and rich green curtains enhance the elegant picture.

Barbara Hazard now writes historical romances set mainly in regency times. She is one of the genres favorite authors.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Tangled Web

Barbara Hazard also wrote regency romances under Fawcett's Coventry Regency line, which was published from 1976-1982. The Tangled Web was published in April 1981.

Mariel is part of a comic mishap of romantic entanglements where everyone is in love with one, but courting another! Can the tangled web of our title ever get straightened?

This cover is a bit of a departure for Allan Kass. Our heroine is rescuing the hero from a carriage accident! It is action oriented and we can almost see it happening. Beyond the drama of the cover, I really like the rich colors Kass uses in the vivid purple of the heroine's clothing and the hero's red coat. The other colors seem to mute and blend in with the outdoor scenery.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Barbara Hazard: A Surfeit of Suitors

March 1983 is Signet's publication date of A Surfeit of Suitors by Barbara Hazard. Lady Georgina Spalding is 25, but is courted by a variety of suitors including the dashing American, David Linwood and Regency rake, Lord Holland! Which will she pick?

This cover by Allan Kass is unique since it's a mix of casual and elegant. The pose of our couple, their clothing, and the setting all scream casual, but the stone bench with the large planter has elegance about it. I like that our couple seems comfortable with each other and that Allan compliments the color of their clothing. We don't know if this was a planned meeting or a casual encounter. All I know is we are transported into the picture!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Singular Miss Carrington

August 1984 saw the publication of The Singular Miss Carrington, a Signet Regency Romance by author Barbara Hazard. Claire Carrington was independent and scandalous for London society! So the ton was amazed and astounded when Lord Tyson, the most elegant and dashing gentleman, wanted her for a bride! Too bad what they didn't know was that it was all a pretense!

Allan Kass shows our couple standing in front of an easel in a room that is dedicated to painting. Our heroine wears a vivid red gown and her black hair is tied behind her head in a simple manner. Our hero embraces her with fervor. The sunlight emphasizes his golden hair. We don't know what's on the easel and assume that the heroine is the artist.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Barbara Hazard: The Runaways

The Runaways, by Barbara Hazard, was published by Signet in July 1997 and is one of Allan Kass's later illustrations, since he retired in 1998.
Harriet Winthrop-Bates and the Earl of Morland were once in love, but a quarrel separated them until their children fall in love with each other. Now they band together to break up their children, but find that first love may be the best and lasting love!

I like this cover by Allan Kass because he doesn't depict our couple as very young, but as mature parents. The heroine looks almost 40, but is still pretty. She carries a sunshade to protect her complexion while out driving with the hero, who looks happy to be with her! The background scene of sheep grazing and a lake is nice. Too bad the title blocks some of the view.