Sunday, October 4, 2009

Elizabeth Chater: The Elsingham Portrait

The Elsingham Portrait is the first of three books that Allan Kass illustrated for Elizabeth Chater. This book was published in February 1980 and I have the republished version from September 1987. It is a different kind of story since it is a time travel for a modern day lady back to regency times. A portrait in a gallery sends her back into the arms of the portrait lady's husband! It's one of the first paranormal romance books I remember being published.

Allan Kass creates a handsome cover for this book with our couple and the infamous portrait! The heroine is prominent in a gold gown duplicated in the portrait while our hero is handsome in brown and red. The style of the clothing is more Georgian, with the fuller skirts and jackets.

The 1990's saw a rise in authors reaching for the paranormal in their stories and the regency/modern time travel story line was somewhat popular. Unfortunately, the popularity in paranormal romance in the 2000's killed the publication of regency romances, with all of the main publishers quitting their series. A few still get published under Harlequin and some historical romances are set during regency times.

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