Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Diana Campbell: The Earl's Invention

The Earl's Invention is also by Diana Campbell and was published in October 1986. It is a story about Bonnie Gordon, who is persuaded by the Earl of Sedgewick to pose as his niece in order to halt the expenditures of his heirs.

Allan Kass's illustration of this book is classic! I love the covers that he created in the mid-1980's. They are just full of beauty and elegance! This cover shows our couple dressed formally with our hero dashing with a red sash and a bit of gray in his hair! He leans on a brocade covered chair while our heroine is pretty in blue. I like the gold trimming on her dress and in her hair along with her long gloves. They stand in a room that is ornate without being overdone. Allan Kass was a master at creating a beautiful scene for his couples. Another beautiful and unique illustration that was not the norm for 1980's romances!

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