Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sandra Heath: A Scandalous Publication

A Scandalous Publication was published by Signet for author Sandra Heath in October 1986. The notorious Max Talgarth bought the estate of Charlotte Wyndham's father. He was odious and she was angry. So she wrote about him and all London read!

This is a pretty cover by Allan Kass. We see no sign of stress between our couple as they enjoy a fine spring day. Our heroine sits on the bench with flowers around her in this walled garden spot and it looks like a favorite place of hers. Her purple day dress blends in well with the surrounding flowers while her hair is almost the color of the hero's jacket! I love Allan's use of light in this picture and his drawing of the human form is always correct.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sandra Heath: A Perfect Likeness

A Perfect Likeness by Sandra Heath was published by Signet in May 1985. Bryony St Charles is debating who to love: Sebastian Sheringham, who selected her as his bride based on a miniature portrait, or the Duke of Calborough, his cousin and rival, who entices her to flout convention.

The regency romances of the 1980's typically featured a plot line of a heroine choosing between two or three suitors.

Allan Kass illustrated this cover and he shows our couple standing near a wall in a hallway or room. Our hero stands out with his golden hair, which looks like it's curled in the style of the late 1700's (think George Washington) even though his dress is Regency and not Georgian. Our heroine is typical regency in her Grecian styled white gown with gold trimmings. A letter sits on the table nearby which could be a love note!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sandra Heath: The Opera Dancer

Sandra Heath's The Opera Dancer was published by Signet in October 1981 for its regency romance line. Nonna Lambert was all the rage of London, but only one man knew the secret of her past and he would use and discard her, even though she loved him.

I will admit here that this is one of my favorite covers by Allan Kass! I love the expression of the heroine and she's beautiful in her dark green gown, which sets off her red hair and the pearls she wears. Our hero is enchanted and handsome. I like the musical references to our heroine's occupation with the piano, the metronome, and the engravings on the wall behind them. It's simply a gorgeous cover.