Thursday, November 5, 2009

Marion Chesney: The Marquis Takes a Bride

The Marquis Takes a Bride was published by Signet in January 1987 and is the story of Jennie, a young girl who has been heavily influenced by her cousin, Guy, who she imagines herself in love. Her grandparents arrange her marriage to the Marquis and she agrees since she'll be able to help Guy, who is penniless. She realizes soon that both her husband and cousin aren't really the men she's imagined them to be!

Allan Kass illustrates a delightful cover for this book! Our heroine is a very pretty brunette and her gold dress is stunning and reflects our hero's blond hair. They look like a study in contrasts with her hair reflecting his coat! Again, Allan is a master in the details: notice the wall, mirror, and clock. After seeing some of Chesney's other book covers, she must have been pleased with this one!

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