Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jane Converse: Condemned Nurse

Condemned Nurse was published by Signet for Jane Converse in June 1971. This is another Allan Kass illustration and definitely older and interesting! This book originally cost 60 cents!

This story is about Jackie and her nurse roommate, Donna, who was on a downward spiral into drinking after carrying a horrible secret that has lost her her job and doctor boyfriend. If Jackie finds out, this secret will destroy her, also!

Allan Kass shows our couple with the nurse holding her clipboard in front, the doctor behind, and a naked person on the bed with newspaper headlines announcing some bad news. I'm glad that Allan got away from the "combination" illustration and made them his own. I feel like this was a usual technique and like his lovely couples much better. This is an early illustration of his and interesting to compare with his gothic and regency book covers! I have lots more Jane Converse books coming soon!

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