Sunday, December 13, 2009

Virginia Coffman: A Haunted Place

A Haunted Place was published in February 1978 by Signet for Virginia Coffman. It is the third gothic illustrated by Allan Kass that I have for her. Until I wrote Allan, I didn't realize that he had illustrated gothic romances. I thought he had only done regencies! So it was a treat to find many of these and see the resemblances between the illustrations!

This book is about an American actress who is stranded in a French village where the villagers believe she is a ghost come to put a curse on them!

Allan does a superb job at painting the heroine in a sinister place! She wears modern dress and jewelry, but stands near a scary dragon and we see a gloomy castle behind her. Allan used his daughters and local townspeople as his models! It must have been fun to see yourself reproduced on a book cover!

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