Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sheila Bishop: Consequences

Consequences was published by Fawcett in September 1981 under the Coventry line #137. It is set in Georgian England (late 1790's) and is the story of Lavinia, who is depressed after the death of her fourth child and finds that intrigues involving both her marriage and the country are brewing.

Allan Kass creates a beautiful illustration with our couple in an outdoor setting. Note the beautiful gazebo and fountain. The heroine's dress has a Georgian style with a full skirt and long sleeves. Our hero is dressed in a typical style of a full coated jacket and knee breeches with stockings. His hair is long, unpowdered, and in a queue.

The Georgian time period spanned the reigns of George 1 through George 4 (1714-1830). This was a great era of change, from social, such as the abolition of slavery, to political, such as the losing of the American Colonies and the revolution in France. It was also a great time for the arts, architecture, and music.

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