Friday, June 12, 2009

Mary Balogh: Red Rose

Red Rose was written by Mary Balogh and published by Signet in March 1986. Rosalind Dacey is an outspoken, sharp tongued woman and her guardian, the Earl of Raymore, is determined to marry her off. What happens when a suitable suitor enters the scene is the plot of this story!

Allan Kass draws an interesting picture with our heroine in a rose colored dress, which was an affectation that women with special flower names would wear. Sometimes they would design their whole wardrobe around a certain color. She is an elegant, dark beauty! Note her beautiful hair color!! It's interesting to see the room in which our couple stands; it's elegantly furnished. The only questionable piece is the lamp which looks electric. Candles were used to light rooms because electricity usage hadn't been invented.

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