Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mary Balogh: The Famous Heroine

The Famous Heroine is another Signet regency by Mary Balogh and was published in June 1996. This book is about Cora Downes, a merchant's daughter, who becomes the darling of the ton when she saves a duke's son from drowning. Lord Francis Kneller is intrigued with her and what happens when they need to marry is the plot of this story.

Mary Balogh enjoys having continuing characters in her books, and Lord Francis is a minor character in a few of them. Check her website at to see how books connect.

Allan Kass paints a cute illustration with our couple outside in a London park. Note her cheery yellow outfit that compliments his bluish purple jacket! The orange trim compliments her dress. I like the shaggy dog in the background!

At this time, it would have been very unusual for a merchant's daughter to marry into high society unless she had money. Most aristocrats knew what was expected to their families and would marry within their class. England was still a class driven society during the regency. In this story, Cora is accepted by the Duchess, who plans to marry her to a gentleman.

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