Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mary Balogh: The Temporary Wife

The Temporary Wife was published in May 1997 by Signet. Mary Balogh writes a story about Lord Anthony, who is jaded by London life and has an ill father. To thwart his parent's marriage plans for him, Lord Anthony places an ad for a governess, hoping to find a quiet, biddable woman to marry and take to his father! When he meets Charity, he finds that she is the perfect woman to carry out this charade. What happens when he finds out she is perfect for him is the plot of this story!!

Allan Kass paints a pretty picture with our couple outside at dusk near a rotunda building that has a party inside. She wears an evening dress while our hero is dressed in formal evening wear. Note her beautiful pearls around her neck and in her ears! The setting is gorgeous with the flowers, pond, and building. I especially love the reflection in the water. This is one of Allan's last illustrations and he did so many for Mary Balogh, so I'm glad that he did this book also.

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