Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mary Balogh: The Ungrateful Governess

The Ungrateful Governess was published by Signet in October 1988 and is the story of Jessica Moore, governess. The Earl of Rutherford is interested in making her his mistress, but she resists. He takes her to stay with his grandmother and comes to realize that he is in love with her. But can he marry a servant? That is his dilemma.

Allan Kass painted an outdoor scene for this book with our couple skating on a pond. I love her deep purple coat and gloves that blend so well with her red hair! Our hero is handsome in cherry red! It is a beautiful day with the sun setting in the distance. A romantic setting to tell someone that you love them!

Mary Balogh has become one of the leading romance authors. She currently has 4 new books out for publication and is famous for her Bedwyn series. Mary was raised in Wales and moved to Canada, where she lives with her family. Previously, she was a teacher. She has a website at where you can find all of her titles with pictures and excerpts.

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