Monday, June 22, 2009

Juliette Benzoni: Marianne

Marianne by Juliette Benzoni was published by Berkley in February 1975. This is the story of Marianne and her adventures from her birth in revolutionary France, to her marriage in England, to her return to France to serve Napoleon Bonaparte! Marianne is a story reminiscent of books like Angelique!

Allan Kass draws an illustration that is a slight departure from his regency romance covers! It shows the couple in an embrace that is reminiscent of a true historical romance! The heroine is beautiful in a yellowish-green gown while the hero is resplendent in uniform. Note the mysterious note, chest, and knife on the table. The opulent bed or chaise in the background gives us a clue to the hero's intent!
I was excited to find this cover and see that Allan did a few books that were different from his elegant regency illustrations.

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