Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Juliette Benzoni: Marianne and the Privateer

Marianne and the Privateer was published by Berkley in April 1975. This is another story in the saga of Marianne who is rescued from a deadly fire by her only true love, privateer Jason Beaufort. This story in intense as they are drawn apart once again and he is charged with murder and treason.

Allan Kass paints another illustration that is a departure from his elegant regency covers. We see our couple on the high seas with the heroine being threatened (?) by the hero. She holds a sword either in anticipation of an attack by the ship in the background or by the hero, himself! She is dressed in gyspy garb; note her hoop earrings and torn skirt. The hero is scruffy and not Kass's usual elegant hero! He carries a pistol and also wears an earring! I love the background with the ship, turbulent water, and sunset or sunrise!!

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