Sunday, June 21, 2009

Anne Barbour: A Talent for Trouble

A Talent for Trouble was published by Signet in August 1992. Author Anne Barbour writes a tale about an artist named Talitha who is in London for her first season. Witty Viscount Chelmsfold is penning a satire of society and wants Talitha to illustrate his work. What happens when the shy debutante and sarcastic lord work together is the plot of this novel.

Allan Kass paints a unique picture for this cover. He captures our heroine artist at her easel with the tools of her trade nearby. She is dressed in a yellow day gown and most noticeable are her locket and titian hair! The hero stands in the background: is he looking at the easel or her?? It's a very colorful illustration that captures the heart of this book.

The author makes a note that this novel is based very loosely on Life in London by Pierce Egan, which was an adventure story set during regency times about Tom and Jerry! Yes, those names are now part of our culture with the cartoon inspired by this work!

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