Friday, June 19, 2009

Anne Barbour: A Dedicated Scoundrel

The next author in the Allan Kass series of illustrations is Anne Barbour. She wrote quite a few books for Signet, but 3 were illustrated by Allan. A Dedicated Scoundrel was published in June 1997 and is the story of Catherine who meets a smooth stranger and realizes that he's not what he seems. She distrusts men after being cast aside by a faithless suitor and fears that Mr. Smith is such a man.

Allan Kass illustrates this book with a picture of our couple standing near an estate. The heroine is dressed in a simple morning dress with a coordinating shawl. Her hair is down, which would suggest very early morning or a clandestine meeting with our hero. He is dressed very informally; maybe wearing the clothes of a servant. Note the horse: was our hero riding him? It's an intriguing cover and one of Allan's last ones since he retired in 1998.

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