Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mary Balogh: An Unacceptable Offer

An Unacceptable Offer was published by Signet in May 1988 authored by Mary Balogh. It is the story of Viscount Fairfax, who is a widower with 2 girls. He really isn't looking for another wife, but meets Jane Matthews, who is incredulous that he proposes and even more astounded when she responds, "no"! What happens when the handsome Lord and plain Jane realize that they are meant for each other is the plot of this story.

This is a gorgeous Allan Kass illustration with a very simple setting that frames our couple. Note her beautiful day dress with the accent rose at her waist. It almost looks like a nightgown! Our hero is dressed in formal wear and seems to be reassuring our heroine. I like the play of light on the wall in the background as our couple looks out the window onto a formal park setting.

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