Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gayle Buck: Love for Lucinda

Love for Lucinda was written in January 1996 by Gayle Buck and published by Signet. She is a widow who is being romanced by many different men with varying motives. Who is truthful and honest and who isn't?

Allan Kass draws a picture of our couple that is pensive. They stand near each other in an elegantly furnished room, but you get the feeling that they are thinking of weighty matters. Our heroine is simply dressed in a white day gown trimmed in blue. Our hero's coat matches the trim on her dress and suits his complexion. He holds her hand as if to entreat her to his position. It is a very pretty cover.

Men in regency times favored widows since they had money to gain by marriage and also they could indulge in affairs that young women couldn't. Widows usually had a female companion live with them for modesty's sake.

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