Monday, August 31, 2009

Gayle Buck: Lord Rathbone's Flirt

Lord Rathbone's Flirt was published in December 1994 and written by Gayle Buck. It is the story of Verity Worth, who is forced to take a position as a paid companion due to the financial problems of her family and meets Lord Henry Rathbone, who comes courting her charge. Is he merely flirting or does he have a different motive?

Allan Kass paints a winter scene with our couple in a cozy room. Our heroine is wearing a long sleeved coral gown and a cameo necklace. Our heroine is well dressed in a red coat trimmed in black. Our eyes are drawn to the outdoors and the pristine snow on the ground. It is a handsome cover and makes me want a cup of hot chocolate!

Becoming a paid companion to another lady was a permissible way to earn a living for a gently born lady in dire financial circumstances. Many times, poor relations would help out their richer sisters, aunts, and cousins by living with them for free and becoming unpaid help.

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