Friday, September 11, 2009

June Calvin: My Lord Ghost

My Lord Ghost was written in October 1996 by Signet and it is the second and last book of June Calvin's that Allan Kass published. She did publish more regencies by Signet. This is a Halloween themed book also trying to mimic the popular paranormal books that were being published. Juliette doesn't believe in ghosts, but is wondering if Hammerswold Castle contains one!

Allan Kass didn't like illustrating gimmicky covers and tried to stay away from them. He paints a Halloween ball scene in this one with our couple on a balcony where our heroine looks as if she's seen a ghost! I like the positioning of the pumpkin and the gargoyle! Our couple is handsome in evening clothes and the people in the background are enjoying the ball. The elegance of the scene keep it from becoming gimmicky.

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