Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gayle Buck: The Righteous Rakehell

The Righteous Rakehell was published in November 1988 and is one of Gayle Buck's earliest works. It is the story of Justin, who proposes to Catherine thinking that he could have both a marriage of convenience and a libertine lifestyle. Catherine marries him to show him that he could only really choose one or the other!

Allan Kass paints a vibrant cover of our couple in a box at the opera or theater. The heroine's green gown and wrap stand out vividly against the red fabric of the setting. Note her elegant jewels around her neck, on her ears and head! Our hero is dashing in black formal wear and the touches of her fan, his fob, and the display on the wall behind them all make for an elegant cover.

Regency people loved attending the opera and theater and the very rich would rent a box that was only used by themselves during the season. It was much cheaper to sit in the pit. While some came to watch or listen, most came to be seen and view others. It was considered a social event.

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