Thursday, September 17, 2009

Miranda Cameron: The Meddlesome Heiress

The Meddlesome Heiress is the third book illustrated by Allan Kass for Miranda Cameron. It was published in December 1983 by Signet. It is a story about Diantha Cunningham whose possession of an estate managed by Lord Rotherford causes some hard feelings between them. Could love be part of the problem?

This is a very pretty cover by Allan Kass. Our couple is outside spending a moment together. What initially strikes me is all the color in this cover. Our heroine is golden in a gown of the same color with darker trim. Our hero leans against the wall dressed in a smart coat. Note all of the shadow and shading in this cover. Very nice!

Back in the early '80's, most regencies had a similar plot with a heroine being pursued by three eligible gentlemen and this one is no different! These earlier stories usually had a good plot and good writing.

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