Monday, September 14, 2009

Miranda Cameron: Lord Cleary's Revenge

Lord Cleary's Revenge was published in August 1985 and is the story of Felicia Mannering who is engaged to Darcy Vellacort. Vellacort killed Lord Cleary's brother in a duel, so he plans to take his revenge by wooing away Vellacort's fiancee!

Allan Kass illustrates a classic and beautiful cover for this book. Our heroine is featured as she sits on a bench with our hero wooing her from behind. She wears a simple regency empire dress in rose and gold jewelry, which compliments her dress. Our hero is handsome in maroon and the detail of the garden wall is fascinating! It's noteworthy to mention that most books published in the 1980's didn't have the beauty and attention to detail as Allan created!

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