Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gayle Buck: A Magnificent Match

A Magnificent Match was published in December 1997 by Signet for author Gayle Buck. It is the story of Megan, who has the chance to leave Ireland for Russia and meets the dashing Prince Kirov. Can the Irish girl who has never even been to London catch the eye of a Russian Prince who has flirted with countless women?

Allan Kass creates an intriguing cover of our couple in a meadow or glen with their horses after they'd been riding. Our heroine is dressed in a green riding habit which compliments her red hair but our hero is dashing in a red uniform jacket and sash. I'm not sure if he looks Russian, but that is OK!

England and Russia were allies against the French during the Napoleonic Wars and the Russian Czar visited London during the peace celebrations.

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