Saturday, May 23, 2009

Rebecca Baldwin: The Cassandra Knot

The Cassandra Knot is the first book in our Allan Kass list of illustrations that is authored by Rebecca Baldwin. She wrote a few regencies under the Fawcett publication line. The Cassandra Knot was published in 1979 and is about a girl named Cassandra who marries Edward, Duke of Woodland, in order to protect her fortune from her greedy relatives. Of course, what happens when he lets her loose on London is entertaining.

This is an interesting cover illustration with the couple seated at a dinner table. Note the heroine's ornate dress with a special notice of her necklace. Allan is known for his beautiful portrayal of jewels. The hero is also dressed formally for the evening. This cover looks like it takes place at an intimate dinner. Maybe the most unique quality of this book cover are the candles flickering on the candlestick! It's a very beautiful cover!

The silver serving pieces on the table would have been a normal sight at any dinner. The butler of the family would have been required to see that they were highly polished and ready to use, besides keeping them under lock and key when in storage. Usually he would have either an underbutler or footman to help him with his duties.

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