Sunday, May 10, 2009

Barbara Allister: A Marriage of Convenience

A Marriage of Convenience was published by Signet in October 1997. This is one of the last books that Allan Kass illustrated. I noticed that his later books have the couple more prominent, but still has the delicate touch that we love. Check out the window in this photo! In Regency times, brides didn't automatically wear a white wedding dress. Many girls married in their Sunday best or chose a favorite color to make their dress. Weddings could be held in a parish church after the calling of banns for 3 weeks in a row, or by use of a paid special license, which enabled the couple to marry immediately.

Allan retired from illustrating books in 1998. Signet was wanting him to paint "gimmick covers" and to take a pay decrease. That was his sign to retire. He loved the elegance of the period and was artistic enough to want to do his best. I was sorry when I noticed that he had quit illustrating, but that encouraged me to begin hunting for his other book illustrations that I didn't own!

A Marriage of Convenience is about a girl named Jane who has 2 suitors fighting over her: Lord Langston and Stephen Middleton. Which will she choose?


  1. Rhonda,
    These are just fantastic. I am getting quite an education about my own father. Great historical perspectives, too. When do you find the time to get all this done?
    Susan Kass Johnson

  2. Thanks Susan! If I take one cover at a time....I thought that this would be a great way to be more visible on the internet and share your father's great illustrations along with sharing my love for regency romance books!