Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Caroline Arnett: Clarissa

This is the first photo I'm listing of an Allan Kass illustration for Fawcett publishers. This book, Clarissa, was an early edition published in 1976. Later, Fawcett would publish a series of regencies under their Coventry Romance line, which contained 200 books published between 1979 and 1982. Allan illustrated quite a few of them. At this time in the 1970's, Fawcett published many romances and gothic mysteries with regencies beginning to be published by multiple authors and gaining popularity.

Clarissa is about a girl who is a companion to a lady and she marries Lord Lynburn to escape this confining position. The cover is elegant with a hint of danger; note the man outside the window looking inside! I love the ruby red dress and the necklace that the heroine is wearing. Allan is known for painting beautiful jewelry on the women in his illustrations! Also note the details of the room: the end table, statuette, candleholder, and french doors. What is the heroine holding in her hands?!

Caroline Arnett had 3 books illustrated by Allan Kass. She wrote 2 or 3 other books for Fawcett.

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