Friday, May 29, 2009

Mary Balogh: A Christmas Bride

A Christmas Bride is another popular regency romance by Mary Balogh and illustrated by Allan Kass. This is one of Allan's later illustrations and the publication date for this book is November 1997. It's amazing to realize that he turned 80 this year and was still painting beautiful and elegant illustrations!

The scene is a beautifully cold winters day with people skating on a lake. They are probably attending a house party for the holidays. Our couple is dressed warmly with heavy coats lined with fur and our heroine carries a beautiful muff along with wearing a sprig of holly in her bonnet. Note the others wearing Christmas colors of green and red. Skating was an exercise enjoyed by young and old. In 1814, the Thames river in London froze and people skated upon it, along with a Frost Fair that had the citizens of London celebrating!

This story is about Edgar Downes, who has decided to marry. However, he meets a widow, Lady Helena, who meets none of his requirements. A Christmas miracle brings them together in this book.

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