Thursday, May 21, 2009

Jane Ashford: The Reluctant Rake

The Reluctant Rake is 7th in a series of illustrations done by Allan Kass for author Jane Ashford. This book was published in May 1987 and is a story about Julia who is engaged to Sir Richard Beckwith, but who may have a female rival in town.

London Society during the regency was a time of entertainment, visiting, partying, and matchmaking. People came to town from their country estates to shop, go to concerts and galleries, and associate with more people than in the country. Most parents sent up their older children to acquaint themselves with polite society, to polish off their manners after finishing school, and to find them spouses. The season was also called the "London Marriage Mart" because of this purpose. Those who couldn't afford a season in London would send children to Bath or Brighton or even to relatives in hope of finding suitable matches.

This cover is pretty with the heroine a beautiful brunette in a mauve pink gown. She has a young and innocent look to her face. The hero seems to be reassuring her about something...maybe the rival she spotted! Note the sunlight shining into the room; it looks like a nice summer day! Also note Allan's full signature in the bottom right corner.

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