Thursday, May 14, 2009

Caroline Arnett: Melinda

Melinda, by Caroline Arnett was published by Fawcett in 1975. This is a beautiful cover by Allan Kass with the couple dancing in a ballroom. Note the other couples reflected in the mirror. Allan did quite a few covers of couples dancing or scenes in a ballroom. In this particular one, you can almost see the couple moving to the dance.

Dancing was a popular entertainment during times that didn't have radio, tv, or internet. It was a time to congregate and fellowship with your neighbors and friends. Jane Austen writes about local balls that she and her sister attended and dancing was taught to children. During this time, the waltz was a new and slightly scandalous dance brought over from Austria. Many people would host impromptu dances after a dinner with 2 or 3 couples dancing. It's interesting that dancing is still a popular activity.

Melinda is about an American girl who comes to London at the urging of her aunt, who plans to marry the girl off to her son. Unfortunately for her aunt, she has other plans!

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