Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jane Ashford: The Marchington Scandal

The Marchington Scandal was published by Signet in July 1982. It is one of Jane Ashford's earlier books and also one of Allan's earlier illustrations.

The plot of this regency is Katharine's help concerning the marriage of her cousin Elinor to Tom Marchington. A cruelly notorious countess is interfering in the lives of the newlyweds and Katharine asks for the help of Lord Oliver, a persistent suitor of hers.

This cover has a simple elegance to it with very little in the way of decoration. The focus is on the couple and the glance that is communicated between them. I love the relaxing feel of this picture with the handsome profile of the hero and the admiring response of the heroine. The fluidity of this illustration is astounding! Note in the bottom right corner that Allan Kass initials this book. Sometimes he signs his full name and at other times, just initials.

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