Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sara McCulloch: Not Quite a Lady

Not Quite a Lady by Sara McCulloch was published by Fawcett in February 1981. It's the only title I can find for this author and it's the story of Angel, who is the ward of Matthew Vail. He had rescued her and now isn't sure what to do but introduce her to society!

I wish this cover was larger because Allan Kass gives us a pretty picture of our couple at a London evening party. We see them standing by the stairway with its carved detail and guests milling in the background. Our hero looks the hero with his military award and sword. He has a Christopher Plummer look to him as he gazes on the heroine, who is pretty in pink with roses in her hair and an elegant emerald necklace. I hope the author was pleased with her only book's cover illustration!

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