Saturday, October 5, 2013

Dorothy Mack: The Unlikely Chaperone

Our last regency by Dorothy Mack is The Unlikely Chaperone. She wrote others not illustrated by Kass but published by Signet, so check out her other work. This book was published in February 1991.

Alexandra Farrish is leading her younger and beautiful sister through the season and Didi is captivating all of the men, especially the handsome Marquess of Malvern, the one man Alexandra begrudges her!!

This is an interesting cover by Allan Kass. Our couple are at a ball and it looks as if the hero is trying to get the heroine to dance with him. I like the use of the mirror that shows the others dancing. Note her long sleeves, which are probably removable. She also wears some unique jewelry and carries a pretty fan.

 A Regency Valentine 2 used the head shot of this cover for theirs!

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